Anybody watching this?

it's great ^^

I've watched 8 episodes so far... it's confusing at first... but it gets better

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An inscrutable and abnormal territory, known as Hell's Gate, appeared in Tokyo and altered the sky. At the same time, people who possess various special abilities emerged, and the night sky was altered. The stars disappeared, replaced by fake stars which correspond to those people with special powers. However, the cost of gaining those abilities is the loss of human emotion. Kept secret from the knowledge of the masses, these individuals able to murder in cold blood are known as Contractors. Various nations around the world use Contractors as spies and agents, often resulting in violent battles for information.

Hei is sent to Tokyo under the guise of an ordinary Chinese student, Li Shunsheng, but is really a Contractor working for an unnamed organization. His Messier code, or star number, is BK201. Hei fights against other Contractors with unpredictable abilities while carrying out missions and gathering information for his Agency.
If you're not watching it... do... it could be your replacement for death note when it finishes ^^