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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkprinny
    I dont think it is
    The ending is pure shite

    There cant be a third film you should know this if you have seen them both

    I will agree the ending was not the one a lot of people expected but it doesnt matter if for once we have a different ''sad'' ending rather than always the protagonist winning and stuff. It also depends with which character you are getting bonded with i was with L so the ending was fine for me! Justice won! I think we should praise for being and doing something different rather than accusing it just for the ending.

    As far as the 3d movie concerns check this out

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    Its not part of Death note
    Its what is called a "spin off" or "cash in"
    Or to put it another way
    The films where a succsess so lets make more and use the names of the charicters
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