A anime game that might be good gets canceld (Ok it was a fan game but still its better than the shite out on the selfs)
Was ment to be Dynasty "why are they so fun" warriors with Haruhi charicters
Doujin circle souvenir circ has announced that they have been contacted by Kadokawa shoten to cease all distribution of their action doujin game Suzumiya Haruhi no gekitou. They’ve since taken off all info about the game from their website. Kadokawa sure doesn’t think too kindly about fan works! They had requested for that massive wipe of all fan videos of Haruhi and Lucky star from youtube and nico douga a while back, and also stopped the sales of that awesome Keroro doujin game by ClassiC in 2004.
While we’re at this, CuteType’s doujin game Suzumiya Haruhi no gyakuten 3 has both Haruhi and Hatsune Miku, I wonder if anything is going to happen to them…!
I think only a few people will know who Haruhi is on this forum