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  1. Need Help!
  2. who has an r4ds?
  3. Nintendo DS Players Choice?
  4. ANybody wana join me? ACWW:
  5. Diddy Kong Racing Friend Code!
  6. DS Browser
  7. is there any good wi-fi games you could sudgest for my b-day?
  8. Final Fantasy III better if were on PSP?
  9. My Colletion!
  10. My DS touch screen is turning yellow
  11. MY DS's top screeen is broken...
  12. shinys, whats an easy way to obtain them?
  13. I need HELP!
  14. Save files
  15. R4ds M3ds
  16. SNES emulator
  17. AnimalCrossing:WW Freind codes.
  18. Wish...
  19. Was it worth it
  20. Beldum, Metang, or Metagross wanted
  21. Harvest moon DS
  22. Phantom Hourglass
  23. Purchasing A Ds Lite
  24. Grand Theft Yoshi
  25. animal crosing friend code
  26. Teamspeak server?
  27. Nintendogs
  28. The Legend Of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass
  29. Yellow Pokemon DS Lite!
  30. Im goign to be up all night for battles.
  31. Just bought Children of Mana
  32. Custom Robo Arena Help Me Im Stuck
  33. Tetris DS: Who's on all the time! (Looking for players)
  34. Ds Rpg
  35. Nintendo DS Browser
  36. It's A Wonderful World DS Lite
  37. Nintendo to Launch Yellow Pikachu DS in Japan
  38. Browser Supports FLASH! party! lol
  39. neED HELP with my ds lite please somone!!!
  40. NEW nintendo ds colour!
  41. Brain Age - Can't Write a 'B'
  42. Nintendo DS Browser
  43. DS Lite Wi-fi
  44. THIS or r4ds
  45. DS meets PSP
  46. do any gb/ gbc work on ds/lite
  47. Another DK game!
  48. Metroid Prime Hunters still in stores?
  49. Quake DS now supports network play
  50. S unown
  51. Animal Crossing DS: any1 still play it?
  52. PLEASE HELP star wars lethal alliance
  53. the best trade
  54. Animal Crossing : Wild World problems!
  55. DK racing trade in UK
  56. ordered my r4!
  57. Death Jr
  58. Need Canadiens/USA's for pokemon Fc!
  59. Fan Art
  60. official favorite pokemon thread
  61. ???Official Guess Pokemon Thread???
  62. M3ds/r4ds
  63. Dead Pixel
  64. please, i need help on diamond pokemon!! pls
  65. i need some serious help
  66. Pokemon that can sleep other Pokemons?
  67. Do we have any homebrewers here?
  68. DS lite games
  69. Help on Pokemon diamond please!
  70. Can the Ds Lite Browser...
  71. Pokemon DS Question
  72. Jam Sessions
  73. a wifi problem,sorta
  74. Need to trade to evolve (Pokemon Diamond)
  75. mp3 ds
  76. is ds right for me?
  77. How To Search- By "Brawny"
  78. how many poffins does it take to get to the amazing milotic center of a feebas?
  79. how much $ would i get if i traded psp to eb games?
  80. mario kart ds
  81. What makes you think the DS is soooo good?
  82. mario kart ds friend code forum
  83. How to get fast karts in Mario Kart ds
  84. Internet Connection?
  85. HELP ds lite opera browser(owners only for american version)
  86. question for those of you who upgraded
  87. Noob at Wi-Fi
  88. Good DS Games
  89. Help!!!
  90. pokemon mystery dungeon chart on how to get the pokemon you want?
  91. selling ds lite and 8 games!!
  92. Omg Zelda Phantom Hourglass is gonna rule!!
  93. In need of news about future nintendo handheld
  94. A 3D Naruto Fighting Game, For DS?
  95. non legend battles
  96. dslite internet?
  97. giving away arceus for...
  98. Great Info On N+ (check It Out)
  99. why is butterfref said to be so good
  100. pokemon parties
  101. project hammer
  102. I need help with Diamond
  103. WPA-PSK Connection
  104. Taiko Drum Master DS
  105. DS Lite Web Browser
  106. Rumour: New DS Design
  107. either mariokart or metriod prime hunters wich one
  108. Upcoming DS games your waiting for
  109. Hosting a elite beat agents tourney
  110. Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Fc codes!
  111. i LOVE my ds
  112. DS games that you wish had Wifi
  113. Who wants a Pokemon infected with PKRS?
  114. just got mario kart need fc
  115. is it true
  116. Pokemon wi-fi?
  117. FFIII Friend codes
  118. lpanet puzle league
  119. Sim City
  120. need a new ds :(
  121. animal corssing fc sharing forum
  122. anyone have this game
  123. Action replay warnings thread.
  124. Whose the Best Character in Nintendo history?
  125. R4DS questions
  126. Need help getting online
  127. The next Gameboy at E3?
  128. Famitsu gives Phantom Hourglass a 39/40 score!
  129. Metroid Zero
  130. Nintendo should remake Zelda
  131. Sonic RPG
  132. PSP and PS2 for wii and DSL
  133. Action replay problems
  134. Action replay Help!
  135. PokeAP?
  136. Sim City Reviews Anyone?
  137. Ok, will Katamari ever come to DS?
  138. Ffiii
  139. Whats the best for playing mp3s and movies on my DS?
  140. Best ds download-play games?
  141. Mario Kart Exploiters
  142. Lemings on the DS (home brew)
  143. Japanese DS games???
  144. Error code 86420 or something.
  145. i want a DS but do i need it?
  146. ds over psp
  147. Brain Age 2: More Training In Minutes A Day
  148. headset
  149. LocoRoco!!!!!1
  150. Pokemon Diamond/Pearl starters
  151. I dont like my ds games need ideas on whats next
  152. ClubHouse Games PictoChat?
  153. Game that best utilize the touch screen?
  154. Looking for a Star Fox command match!
  155. Jackass the game
  156. Picross
  157. Soft Reseting
  158. Action Replay
  159. happiness pokemon evolustion ><
  160. price...
  161. wifi help plz
  162. Voice Chat
  163. Yugioh Championship 2007 friend codes
  164. Transformers DS
  165. Pokemon Diamond/pearl Friend Codes
  166. Your One Killer DS Game Choice?
  167. Rocket Slime? :(
  168. Wario: Master of Disquise (sp?)
  169. bomberman connecticut tournament
  170. DS Friend Code Master List
  171. Official Ds Friend Codes
  172. Ocarina Of Time, N64 - DS
  173. What is your top 10 ds games
  174. DS Question
  175. Playing DS outside in the sun..
  176. i am starting my own ds reviews here (VOTE for first game)
  177. Face Training
  178. Who has Mario Hoops 3 on 3? I do! :] or any other game :]
  179. my ds reviewing team
  180. The WDsRT
  181. Buying DS or DS Lite!
  182. DS Internet
  183. Good sites for the DS Browser?
  184. nintendo DS headset
  185. Just ordered an R4... Yay!!!
  186. WDsRT review of dokidoki majo shipan! (toch girls sorcerer hunt)
  187. WDsRT Review Of AirForm Carrying Case
  188. WDsRT Review of Custom Robo Arena
  189. WDsRT review of nervous brickdown
  190. meet the WDsRT team!
  191. DS UK Sales Revenue...Holy Bejeebers!!!
  192. DS won't work on my router whats wrong?
  193. WCDsRT Review Of Star Wars: Lethal Alliance
  194. DS Worth it or not? Thinking of buying it...
  195. 42 all time classics (clubhouse games)
  196. Wifi dongle thing questions.
  197. Action Replay for Pokemon Diamond
  198. Elite Beat Agents Review
  199. Brain Age Review
  200. shiny prizes for a won battle
  201. What happened to Pokemon sub forums?
  202. MPH-Anyone care to fight?
  203. Meteos Disney Magic
  204. Final Fantsay III Friend Codes
  205. Animal Crossing friends
  206. Can you ride the horse in Harvest moon?
  207. $5 off Pre-Owned 14.99+...Ebgames/Gamestop
  208. Adapter
  209. Final Fantasy III Friend Codes
  210. Advance Wars: Dual Strike Review
  211. Playing with other people
  212. Animal Crossing Party!!!!
  213. Wario Ware: Touched Review
  214. Metroid Prime Hunters Friend codes
  215. Star Fox Command Friend codes
  216. Action Replay (in the box and how to?)
  217. Freshly Picked - Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland
  218. Advance Wars 2?
  219. Meteos Review
  220. End of Gameboy?
  221. Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow Review
  222. how do i get snes and n64 games on my ds
  223. Hoshigami Remix (yes a nonpokemon thread)
  224. Tanning in Animal Crossing
  225. Ace combat Advanced and Burnout Legends
  226. new black and red ds with brain age 2
  227. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Gamestop Tourney Free Pokemon Gift?
  228. Final Fantasy 7? Is it Possible?
  229. Halo!!! But wait....
  230. call of duty DS footage!!
  231. Tales of Innocence
  232. thinking about getting an R4
  233. Picross DS Online Problems
  234. Should I??
  235. Cresselia...Good or Bad?
  236. Do anyone have Touch Master
  237. Does anyone wanna exchange freind codes for MKDS?
  238. Where i come from...
  239. Any One Here Got A Game "Chocobo Tales"?
  240. how much have you spent on your ds
  241. Tired of my ds lite.
  242. Nintendo Ds Scratched Up
  243. Is a DS Lite worth buying?
  244. Clubhouse Games.... Clubhouse?
  245. Custom Robo Friend Code?
  246. Mario Karts Tourny
  247. Next Game.
  248. a need 2 new games!
  249. DS Memory???
  250. wifi club