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  1. I need some help in the Lakebed Temple
  2. help in kakariko village
  3. Lake Hyllia Bugs?
  4. Help with Sacred Grove
  5. stuck in zelda
  6. Something cool
  7. Horseback Ganondorf...
  8. Just Finished Zelda TP!!!
  9. God Damn Birdddd!!!!!! How To Beat It!!
  10. Temple of time help plz.
  11. TP graphics
  12. Where to buy a Shield
  13. Cave of Ordeals?
  14. water temple help please!
  15. horseback
  16. Horse
  17. Points
  18. Twighlight Princess v.s Windwaker v.s Ocarina
  19. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Walkthrough Guide
  20. Hylia Shrine?
  21. Were Next?
  22. Movie
  23. Error in Text ? [Spoiler]
  24. Help Goron Mines
  25. help!
  26. This Worth Doing Sidequests?
  27. Clean Shoes?
  28. End of the game *Spoilers
  29. My impression of Zelda (short but firm)
  30. Is it possible?
  31. Death Mountain Help - Shadow Beasts
  32. Who would you do? (little spoiler)
  33. Better than Ocirana?
  34. Help :( Foron Forest place...
  35. Bigger wallet
  36. need help plz-death mountain
  37. Help Finding Insects
  38. Boss Battles...
  39. Help!
  40. force field
  41. Twilight Princess Need help!!
  42. Someone pls help me - I'm going insane in forest temple!
  43. Rupee Sack
  44. Defeat Guards
  45. Anyone else dissapointed by TP length? *Spoilers*
  46. HELP! Lakebed Temple
  47. Sweet looking apple, bread and flowers.
  48. Need Help
  49. Need Wii Friends.
  50. need help! again!
  51. Shield
  52. Cool Sheathing Animation
  53. shadow monsters in water???
  54. Malo Mart "Castle Town District"
  55. rocks in hyrule field
  56. Know the Poe's?
  57. I Need Help On This Part Of Loz: Twilight Princess!
  58. zora's domain
  59. lakebed temple!! shooting down the icicles??? how???
  60. How far timewise are you in Zelda?
  61. Final Boss way too easy *spoilers*
  62. escorting the sick prince! HELP!
  63. Question- For Game Completionists
  64. Can I buy a New Sword
  65. meeting the woth in hyrule castle
  66. Imposible?
  67. Cool Characters
  68. question about twilight princess
  69. F***ing Rollgoalllll!!!!!!!
  70. Oddities in TP
  71. Zelda's sense of humor
  72. Malo Mart in Hyrule (spoiler I think)
  73. Gorons wanting Hot spring water?
  74. medical clinic
  75. New Shield
  76. postman! :D
  77. Help In UnderWater Temple
  78. The whole Twilight Realm idea...
  79. Cave in Lake Hylia
  80. Navi
  81. Never played Zelda, Should I get it?
  82. Help with canon! I canīt get it to work
  83. Magic Meter?? (possible spoilers)
  84. Help with the Zora Prince (after 2nd temple)
  85. Golden Bug HELP
  86. Problem saving? game glitch ? WTF?? HELPPPPP
  87. What would you prefer
  88. What would you prefer rupees , health or ammo?
  89. help needed...plz bear with me
  90. can't get mirror shield?
  91. i need more life.....
  92. Caged room in Hyrule Castle *possible spoiler*
  93. Who is the Knight who teaches you the Hidden Skills?Any Ideas
  94. Cave of ordeals tips (feel free to add)(may contain spoilers)
  95. does twilight princess follow on from windwaker?
  96. Just played Zelda for the 1st time!
  97. Forest Temple???
  98. legend of zelda diversions
  99. ~ Discuss TP Ending ~
  100. Cave of Ordeals
  101. Strange unbombable cave entrance
  102. Timeline?
  103. New Glitch?
  104. I need major help transporting the zora child!
  105. how did hyrule get flooded
  106. Your most hated creature
  107. point to minigames?
  108. reekfish hint needed (not walkthru) :) (possible spoilers)
  109. I think my Game is messed up beyond repair
  110. Zelda Or Red Steel!
  111. dose anyone think that this game is a little to easy
  112. Favorite parts of the game.
  113. whats more anoying roll goal or the postman?
  114. Anybody else really hate the fishing at the beginning?
  115. Poe Help
  116. discussion - mansion temple and temple of time (spoilers)
  117. Is Zelda TP as "shifty" and fastpaced as it looks?
  118. Wii+Zelda: Who casue this problem?
  119. Hena's Fishing Hole
  120. SPOILER inside!! Cave of Ordeals the 2nd time around!
  121. Castle Chest (Spoilers?)
  122. Stuck - How to leave the village? *Maybe Spoilers*
  123. still got life problems
  124. New Zelda Player here!
  125. Conversion
  126. Zelda NP Soundtrack
  127. water temple?
  128. A Legend of Zelda Timline
  129. Gerudo Desert - for last letter
  130. Zelda help!
  131. I Love Twilight Princess
  132. DARN MALE DAYFLY!!!! Cant Find It...
  133. Zelda: TP, please help...
  134. HELP - Should I buy LOZ:TP (JP)?
  135. newbie needs help
  136. Lake Hylia Cave
  137. missed Heart section
  138. Twilight Link!
  139. Ice cave
  140. peace and love
  141. Woo Hoo I beat those &^$7 BIRDS!!!
  142. Fado's Place: The locked house
  143. y cant i catch that effing fish again
  144. LoZ TP GC>LoZ TP Wii?
  145. GOD DAMNIT!!! Reekfish are impossible to catch
  146. woohoo I beat TEH CAVE first try
  147. Link kills The Postman
  148. Need more save spots
  149. Zelda..
  150. City in the Sky Chest
  151. And so I found out... the hard way
  152. Zelda Tp Wtf!(super Ultra Mega Spoilers!)
  153. some advice pleez
  154. Zelda Challenges (Those who have completed)
  155. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess comments
  156. Goron + Spring Water = Failure
  157. Cave of Ordeals
  158. Jovani
  159. Please HELP! !
  160. Getting Everything?
  161. water temple problem....i think my game is screwedd
  162. How Does Zelda End?
  163. Hidden Skills glitch?
  164. twilight princess incomplete when launched?
  165. How Do I Kill This??
  166. Second Bomb Bag
  167. LakeBed Temple
  168. HELP; Geting The Last Monkey !
  169. Major ZELDA TP help!!!!
  170. Hyrule Feild; Help please
  171. where do i rent canoe
  172. The Little Things: Random Zelda Facts
  173. Goron Mines help
  174. $40
  175. Saving the Zora Child - Birds Dropping Bombs
  176. Is it worth it?
  177. Left Handed!
  178. Eldin Province Bridge
  179. Getting this game tommorow..
  180. goron mines boss read this only if your past this
  181. Stupid things you do in Zelda
  182. Questions Of Zelda
  183. File lost! HELP!
  184. help in lakebed temple
  185. Final monkey help
  186. Help! With Forest Temple!
  187. Help; Leaving KAKARIKO VILLAGE To Return To Ordan Village
  188. after game completion
  189. Forest Temple Walkthrough
  190. Gah I Hate Gamefaqs
  191. how did you complete twilight prinsess
  192. I Need Help P.s I Know I Suck At Spelling
  193. i beat the whole game and it didnt save!!!!!1
  194. Big Key in Temple of Time?
  195. Dose any one have a pic of the tool list of the new Zelda game
  196. I already beat the game but theres these things in death mountain...
  197. Help! With Howling Stones!
  198. save bug? no longer have zora armor (spoilers)
  199. returning to places
  200. I need help with the Poes in the Arbiters Temple Please.
  201. Hyrule Castle
  202. favorite thing about zelda
  203. ANOTHER zelda bug
  204. where can i get second opening music??
  205. Silver Jelly
  206. 3 More Poe's to Go! Spoilers!
  207. Bridge in Hyrule Field
  208. best boots?
  209. best armor?
  210. DID anyone else find this game WAY too easy!??
  211. Your favourite combos!
  212. Shield
  213. Zelda TP; nothing special
  214. C*v* Of O*d*a*s Glitch [SPOILERS]
  215. Problem With second Temple (Spoilers?)
  216. Canadians are the worst Zelda players
  217. Legend of Zelda - Cartoon
  218. did anyone find this game the hardist game ever (only come in here if you are stuck)
  219. stuck in the twilight hurle filde well me 2
  220. Help
  221. I'm scared! (spoilers)
  222. Roll Goal game killing me!
  223. bridge to lanayru??
  224. How fast did you beat this game?
  225. How Do I Get the Bow and Arrow and the Adult Wallet?
  226. Help with monsters!
  227. Zelda Oracle of Time
  228. 101 Ways to Know You've Played TP Too Much
  229. Legend of Zelda
  230. Im stuck at lake hylia
  231. Cannon room glitch
  232. Rescued 3 monekys- now stuck?
  233. redoing bosses?
  234. Stuck in Lake Hylia (Wolf)
  235. stuck finding bridge
  236. fishing with a lure
  237. Fishing Rods
  238. Where the hell is the fishing lake?
  239. New Zelda Game in 2007
  240. how long left
  241. help please
  242. Horse Route Records
  243. Sky Temple start
  244. twilight princess, a link to the past, four swords connection
  245. Zelda Bow and Arrow
  246. Temple Of Time Dungeon
  247. Zelda WW and TP
  248. death mountain
  249. Cannon room glitch. FIX INSIDE!!! LOOK!!
  250. mines