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  1. sky temple plz help
  2. More to come for TP!
  3. Saving question?
  4. Hidden skill's help!!!
  5. what do you like best twilight or light
  6. Need help to find somthing!!!
  7. secret spot near death mountain...
  8. HELP-can't defeat goron with iron shoes
  9. Stuck
  10. Be a chicken
  11. Hyrule Field
  12. zelda the wars
  13. zelda or link
  14. urgent question!!!
  15. Is it true that if...
  16. Shield
  17. Where do you find the temple in the sky?
  18. Treasuer Chest
  19. How many heart containers do you have?
  20. did you think the ooccoo was weird
  21. zelda
  22. Zelda: Is it worth the money?
  23. How to defeat Zant
  24. zelda
  25. Lake Temple used wrong Key in wrong order
  26. Link cheating on Zelda?
  27. SnowPeak Ruins
  28. They're making themselves look like whining whores.
  29. Golden Bugs
  30. How to defeat ganondorf (all forms)
  31. snowpeak ruins cannon troubles??
  32. ## New ## Zelda: Tp Website
  33. Need help with the three cubes!!!
  34. how many bottles can you get????
  35. TP help aka I suck at fishing
  36. Need help? i got the book!!!
  37. Rate TP
  38. Feron Boomerang/4 Windmills
  39. Favorite LoZ:TP thing to do
  40. hawkeye
  41. loz-twilight princess
  42. trying to beat this game...
  43. Zelda Help
  44. The Mystery of the Hyrulian Bird
  45. Least Favorite temple and Favorite Temple
  46. Fishing...
  47. damn it!
  48. zelda has ruined my life
  49. zelda music
  50. Statue Help
  51. I've Finished! but now what?
  52. Lakebed Temple Help
  53. Ganondorf too easy?
  54. Anyone beat Gerudo desert battle dungeon?
  55. Eldin Bridge Warp Point?
  56. Having Money Problems?
  57. The "I beat the game" thread + help
  58. The Random LoZ:TP Thread
  59. help how do you fix the bridge of eldin?
  60. Link's Zelda Diaries
  61. Leaving the final dungeon
  62. My Twilight Princess review
  63. Thanks Sherbs!
  64. i need help!
  65. Noo!!!!
  66. Stuck in Zora cave [red fish]
  67. Help needed protecting the Zora kid!?
  68. two questions
  69. what is the cave of ordeans
  70. i have a story line question
  71. Fast, Easy Rupees?
  72. Quick question!
  73. How far Am I Into The Game?
  74. Magic Armor
  75. Help with Hialian Loach!!!(for me!)
  76. How do you get the fishing pole?
  77. Is Zant's Temple Harder then Gannons?
  78. Help with ledge in Eldin bridge (NOT the big one)
  79. Temple Of time
  80. Where is the red magic suit?
  81. who would u rather be out of......................
  82. Golden Bugs - aarrgghh!!!
  83. i have a weird problem
  84. Question
  85. Help!
  86. where do you go to fish?
  87. Who thinks wolf form is annoying?
  88. To end any and ALL suspicion of who is the Twilight Princess.
  89. I know I beat the game but....
  90. Lomax Mart(and Tip Center)
  92. Help, I'm being held against my will.
  93. Possible Glitch...?
  94. Should the characters have voice?
  95. South gate chest?
  96. DO U NEED HELP ON ZELDA?go 2 netscape exelent online guide!
  97. Hey one BIG thing.
  98. No warp point?????
  99. Ganondorf beating time!
  100. Clips for download?
  101. Help me please! I can't reach Lake Hyrule
  102. Some help please
  103. How long it took you to finish the game?
  104. City in the sky saving?
  105. It's Queen Dammit!
  106. Hardest Ganondorf
  107. zelda or super paper mario and why?
  108. Best Cutscene?
  109. Shield Attack
  110. Now I'm Mad...
  111. Arbiters Ground :GLITCH:
  112. Your Opinion: Best Environment?
  113. zelda:twilight princess, what will our gamers do now.
  114. TP Help
  115. How sad is it if you're stuck at the beginning?
  116. getting across purple bog/fog
  117. Lakebed Temple, i.e. Water Temple
  118. Wii console sets
  119. Is Ganondorf easier than Zant
  120. Stuck in first temple on Zelda.
  121. Zelda -- Where do I find the Boomerang??
  122. Monkey Troubles
  123. zelda: twilight princess, hard or easy
  124. How many monkeys?
  125. help!!! pleaseeee +reps
  126. me need help...
  127. Unlimited Orange Rupees (100)
  128. Wii game contest with just a few entrants
  129. The big guard guarding the weapon in goron mines
  130. How to jump at the Lakebed Temple
  131. Useful tips for Zelda's side quests.
  132. time temple, it think i ****ed something up
  133. zelda wii
  134. I hate the escort mission....
  135. Please help me!!!!! i beg u!!!!!!
  136. Stuck
  137. Game help + cheats and glitches.
  138. ...W-w-WTF?!?!?...
  139. The STAR game/Really Expensive shop
  140. I need help on this game! pls!
  141. Is Zelda overrated?
  142. Fishing
  143. Link/Midna fanfic?
  144. Transferring Zelda Games?
  145. Morpheel makes me want to break my Wii!
  146. The Faster Ride: Horse vs. Warthog thing
  147. Secret Ice passage
  148. TP Story Comparisons
  149. Zelda:finishing move
  150. wow
  151. bridge!!!!
  152. Howling Stone Help
  153. The Official Nintendo Thread
  154. Better Than OOT ?
  155. Help!!!
  156. Earlier Zelda games on the wii
  157. Twilight Princess
  158. Really Awesome...But A Minor Fallback.
  159. i need HELP! plz
  160. Saving the zora prince
  161. Water temple big key
  162. Eldin Bridge?
  163. Defeat Shadow Creatures In Human Form???
  164. 100 percent
  165. In the last temple!
  166. Help! Stuck right before Sky People
  167. Playing Gamecube TP on Wii
  168. zelda tp favorite boss
  169. Twighlight Princess Dungeon 4, Arbitors grounds question
  170. 8 hours logged today!
  171. cave of ordeals
  172. where is th occucco guy
  173. bugs
  174. Holwing Stone Problem
  175. Please help on the water level
  176. help
  177. twilight princess on gc v/s wii
  178. Lots of Rupees?
  179. Stuck On The Sand Temple Please Help!
  180. bored
  181. stuck on zora's river
  182. Will any add-ons or downloadable content ever be available?
  183. Link!
  184. any 1 want to sell a used copy of zelda?
  185. Which one is better?...The Wii version or Gamecube version?
  186. Flash Zelda
  187. need help plz
  188. need help on a treasure chest in goron mines
  189. Saving up!
  190. Help On Zelda Yeti Mansion
  191. Which is better...Zelda or Paper Mario?
  192. stupid question... need arrows
  193. New to Wii and Zelda--HELP
  194. Glitch!!!
  195. The Cat
  196. i need sirios help
  197. can i post a walkthrough guide for zelda
  198. Glitch?
  199. Twilight Princess a 9.7/10 ??
  200. Need help locating Hyrule Lake
  201. Lefthanded?
  202. Talking to the Cats!?!
  203. Traditional xxx# after completion?
  204. When do you get to do lure fishing?
  205. Just bought Zelda!
  206. the sky cannon glitch - solution
  207. Switching on wii loses wireless internet connection on PC
  208. Finally Got Zelda
  209. i need help finding the magic
  210. Can you ever enter hyrule castle?
  211. Luring the cat to the shop - Help!
  212. when you compleet the game what can you do
  213. Unlimited Rupees
  214. is TP graphic this blurry?
  215. Twilight Princess to easy?
  216. i feel stupid but....
  217. Fire Tample question, did u buy a shield?
  218. Well I just got my Wii and...
  219. help
  220. I Can Not Make Link Jump....
  221. Ocarina of Time or Twilight Princess
  222. Help on getting to the sky temple
  223. how do i get into the water temple?
  224. Your comments on Zelda Twilight Princess Rate 1-10
  225. Where is the last golden bug?
  226. tp is overated
  227. Annoyed...
  228. Can somebody tell me how to jump over gate with the horse?
  229. How to herd the goats!
  230. +M=M+'s Guide To Getting Hearts(Not Heart Containers. Life)
  231. I beat it, but it wouldn't save...
  232. Zelda: Rent or Buy?
  233. POP vs. TP
  234. Arbiter's Grounds, Big Key
  235. Golden Bugs in Zora Temple
  236. Getting it today! hope no regreats
  237. As soon as I get a Wii, which is hopefully next week...
  238. Help on recovering Ilia's memory
  240. About that guy who was corrupted by the poe's...
  241. Getting into the Temple of Time
  242. How Long Did TP last you?
  243. Legend of zelda cheat:A MUST SEE!!!!
  244. Getting this one next week
  245. zelda twilight princess
  246. twilight princess
  247. im stuck...plz help!
  248. Battle with Gannon - HELP please
  249. Human Link VS Wolf Link
  250. Lost monkeys in forest temple, no oil