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  1. Should i get zelda?
  2. Ok I need some help!!
  3. Castle town dogs and bones...
  4. LOZ Twilight Princess trading cards for sale
  5. Recovering Game Saves
  6. Need a bit of help.
  7. Shield
  8. Two Questions: Last Bug & Cave Near Bridge of Eldin
  9. TP tips, hints, and cheats!!!!!
  10. I'm stuck at the very end in the sky temple *need help*
  11. Need Help Remembering What To Do
  12. Amazing Game!!!
  13. Zelda Twillight Princess - Hard Mode?
  14. Replay Value
  15. Zelda needs to retain the twilight princess image
  16. If you need any "City In The Sky" Help
  17. Buy the wii one?
  18. i need help with the water temple
  19. I spend 78h on completing Zelda. And you?
  20. I want to walk around Hyrule while it is freed
  21. the legend of zelda tp
  22. Zelda help
  23. Costs of making Zelda TP
  24. Meter under hearts?
  25. Zant=too easy
  26. OK stupid question but her goes.......
  27. Twilight Princess Glitches,Secrets ECT
  28. Lakebed temple, too much for me.
  29. WOW Better than gcn
  30. slingshott !!!
  31. Zelda saving
  32. amount of delay with wiimote & swordplay?
  33. Zelda glitch?
  34. Hidden Village Heart Piece
  35. the golden ruppe
  36. where do i get a wallet that holds more than 300??
  37. The Legend of Zelda Timeline
  38. beat zelda...then what?
  39. im in trouble
  40. Just beat Temple of Time
  41. After you leave a temple can you go back in?
  42. How do I get back to the desert?
  43. Escorting the carriage, how to do it
  44. If there was a real Zelda movie...
  45. Getting Hot Spring Water To Goron Just Outside Castle Town
  46. Legend of ZELDA?
  47. What was your Favourite Temple in LoZ TP ?
  48. All true Zelda fans must see
  49. this game is hard...
  50. CHEAT!! in lake hiyah
  51. funny mail man glitch
  52. Easy way to beat the cave of ordeals!!!!!
  53. I need help with 2 small things......
  54. Zelda Newbie Question
  55. Adding more hearts
  56. Am I being stupid? I hope so, +,- and home button???
  57. stuck. help!!!
  58. Easy way to beat cave of ordeals!
  59. zora's domain help please
  60. no more zelda games
  61. overall zelda review
  62. First time playing since June!!!
  63. My awesome save[gamecube version]
  64. Double clawshot?
  65. Twilight princess help!!!
  66. replentishing great fairy tears
  67. any plans for a new zelda ??
  68. Slow Link Bug in Arbeiter's Ground
  69. Zelda
  70. Big problem on T P
  71. Help
  72. Help - How to complete training of Back Slice
  73. forest temple help
  74. Zelda Chicks
  75. Need Help On Underwater Temple!
  76. couple of things i need some help with please...
  77. TP help please
  78. Not Life or death but an explanation could be in use=]
  79. Question about Poes
  80. 9 hours in, just finished Forest Temple?
  81. After the game ends....
  82. zelda (tp) walkthrough manual.
  83. Zelda TP Ending?
  84. Old "Cannon Room" Glitch
  85. Where can I find bombs in Lakebed Temple?
  86. Zant???
  87. Eldin Bridge Please Help
  88. Best On Wii?
  89. I've really being neglecting this game!!!
  90. Is there a way of checking how much of the game you've done?
  91. Just beat Death Mount. Much more?
  92. 68.5 hours over the last 12 weeks
  93. How To Pay That Freakin Bird
  94. Zant, what a woman.
  95. Hooked!!!
  96. Is this the first Zelda version without...(minor spoiler)
  97. Need Help, Right Away!
  98. Stuck in the giant Cog room, too far to jump
  99. First Time Zelda Player. . .
  100. Help?
  101. Completion time : heart container ratio.
  102. I have zelda tp on camecube should i get it on the wii
  103. Turned in to a wolf in the cell...
  104. Link or Wolf Link
  105. Free Wii Points!
  106. Zelda help
  107. Zelda Help
  108. Back to Sacred Grove, How?
  109. Key to boss room in Forest Temple
  110. Help with recovering the monkeys I saved in Forest Temple
  111. Is it time for a new final boss?
  112. Favourite Zelda game yet?
  113. Key to Boss Room in Forest Temple
  114. Stuck In The City In The Ski
  115. changing location
  116. The last tear bug boss!
  117. Where?
  118. killing shadow monster while human
  119. easy money
  120. ????????
  121. This game is to long
  122. Frog lure
  123. ideas or suggestions
  124. Zelda game data lost, should i do it again?
  125. Is Zelda a good game to get when I find my Wii?
  126. Post Your Zelda: Twilight Princess glitches Here
  127. Which Game is Better?
  128. Zelda looks horrible on my HDTV
  129. HELP!!! Arbiter's Grounds - Room 1F Room 7
  130. hardest boss on zelda tp
  131. Zelda: TP Game Guide
  132. The "How do I get that *insert word/item here*?" Help thread.
  133. Help!
  134. Zelda HHHEEELLLPP!
  135. What I call bugs on me
  136. what did you call link???
  137. How to deafeat cave of ordels
  138. Game is very fun so far for me.
  139. 1st Temple boss way to easy!
  140. zelda help
  141. Midna pics true form found!
  142. Wow that one boss was funnn!
  143. So unbelievable..
  144. So unbelievable..
  145. Zelda still owns.
  146. Does this game get more interesting?
  147. is it worth it?
  148. Cave of Ordeals
  149. Cave of Ordeals? I feel like a noob...
  150. Key to boss room in Forest Temple
  151. (spoilers)help in hyrule castle
  152. Skull Kid
  153. help me please
  154. need help
  155. Magic Armor
  156. temple in the sky
  157. Location of all warp points
  158. after finishing the game
  159. 59 Poes Glitch - does it exist?
  160. 2nd Bomb Bag
  161. Beginner pulling my hair out!
  162. Herding goats, OMG
  163. if you need help with twilight princess come here
  164. my time on the legend of zelda twilight princess(tl oz tp)
  165. north of hyrule castle
  166. Zelda: Passing the fences
  167. Escorting The Sick Kid And Lady In The Wagon
  168. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  169. Hyrule's Fate
  170. after speaking too ....
  171. What should I play after Twlight Princess
  172. Need Water Bombs in Water Temple
  173. (Normal)Link OR (Wolf)Link
  174. zelda help
  175. I can't catch a fish!
  176. please help oldishlady
  177. Help! Run out of arrows in Lakebed Temple
  178. Is it possible to redo bosses or mini bosses after game is finished?
  179. I did the impossible!
  180. What did you thought of the end of the game?
  181. how long is too long?
  182. i can't find lanayru
  183. Hidden Skill Whereabouts
  184. Eyes in the boulder
  185. its over
  186. Race Against Yeta... HELP!
  187. zant is hilarious!
  188. zant is hilarious!
  189. Last game save
  190. If you like twilight, check this out
  191. Life after TP
  192. Wii or Gamecube version?
  193. a few thing plus zeldra
  194. Lakebed temple
  195. Combat Pack For Wii Fighting For Zelda
  196. Worst Ending Ever.
  197. Faveourite cutscene in twight princess
  198. Where can I get bombs after lantern cavern II
  199. What weapon did you use the most and the least?
  200. Storyline and History of Hyrule Explained!
  201. sacred grove
  202. Bought Hyrule Shield but it won't equip
  203. Should I already have the boomerang?
  204. Room 8 HELL
  205. arbiter's ground glitch
  206. I NEED HELP golden bug quest
  207. Help Im stuck possible bug?
  208. Twilight Princess:wont work-Help
  209. Saving my zelda Game
  210. i beat zelda and i can help ANYONE
  211. Should I Buy?
  212. Fishing sucks
  213. Zelda TP downloadable content
  214. need help, cant move on!!!
  215. I've used the wrong key...how can I go forward?
  216. Nintendo 64 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time over Wii The Lengend of Zelda: TP?
  217. No Sheild
  218. When will there be a new zelda!?
  219. Boss:Ganandorf
  220. how the new zelda should be
  221. help!!
  222. Spirit Cave
  223. just bought TP
  224. Zelda
  225. Legend Of Zelda: New Release
  226. twilight princess trading cards
  227. Fishing Help Needed
  228. Sequel to Twilight Princess?
  229. Need help with Taming the River Rapids
  230. Wtf
  231. My Zelda Impression
  232. Zelda: Twilight Princess
  233. Ura Zelda
  234. No longer a zelda fan
  235. Is there a new link in every game?
  236. I think I made it impossible for myself to beat the game...
  237. loz
  238. Please help! Stuck on Castle Rooftop
  239. Where To Go With Next Zelda?
  240. Stuck In Cloud City
  241. Rupees
  242. Light Bugs
  243. Extra Gadgets/Weapans
  244. How do I use water bombs?
  245. Foran forest - tears of light problem
  246. 4th golden wolf missing?
  247. Stuck just after Snowpeak Ruins - no arrows!!! Help!!!
  248. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Information Thread
  249. What Gives...
  250. Link's parents?