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  1. Virtual Console
  2. Online service
  3. about downloading
  4. what's the diff beetween the 3d consol and th virtual???
  5. Hudson to bring titles to the VC
  6. Will Virtual Console Succeed?
  7. Virtual Console
  8. Multiplayer for Virtual Console?
  9. will wii be able to play genesis on virtual console
  10. Rare Games on Virtual Console
  11. So what comps are signed up for the vc
  12. Virtual Console Pricing - Some News
  13. Virtual Console
  14. Will there be a price to hook up the Wii online?
  15. Can the Wii Controllers work with NES, SNES and 64 games?
  16. Question about VC
  17. Virtual Console Question (No answer yet though)
  18. Nintendo creating new Virtual console games?
  19. Virtual Console Promo !!!
  20. Virtual Console Promo !!!
  21. handhelds on virtual console
  22. question about the virtual console
  23. List of games for virtual console and about.
  24. i really hope some rare games..
  25. How do you plug it in?
  26. Virtual Console and gameboy?
  27. golden eye may be on vc
  28. size
  29. 26 Launch VC games?
  30. Sega games on VC
  31. perfect dark??????
  32. If you could choose ONE game for the VC what would it be?
  33. connectivity
  34. Paper Mario Wii??
  35. Answer This Please
  36. Which Launch Game Will Be Most Popular?
  37. SEGA Genesis VC Launch Titles Leaked
  38. Think We Can Put Roms Onto Virtual Console?
  39. Any Information About Region Lock?
  40. retro controlers for VC??
  41. Dose anyone else not rly care about vc
  42. Commodore 64 Games on VC
  43. Few questions
  44. ROM Sites Banned?
  45. zelda 64 Oot master quest on vc? Promo Zelda on wii...
  46. GameCube controller on the WII?
  47. Virtual console online?
  48. Most anticiapted VC games
  49. Power Glove Games
  50. Could I get solid answers? GameCube controllers
  51. "Achievement"-style Virtual Console games?
  52. Broadband vital to Virtual Console?!!?
  53. Some Interesting Points of Discussion - Demo's, Updates and New Games
  54. VC games announced for launch
  55. U.s Gets Robbed On Vc Lineup And $$
  56. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!a Amazing Idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  57. Some VC questions answered \o/
  58. Classic Controller and N64
  59. Super mario 64 VS super mario 64 ds
  60. Will these games be released?
  61. 12 new games!
  62. CVG reports N64 VC G.....
  63. SEGA Virtual Console Screens
  64. Saving VC
  65. WiFi Help
  66. List of VC Titles they must have!
  67. what japanese games would you like to see translated for the vc?
  68. Nintendo Answer VC questions........
  69. Excite Bike
  70. What are the best old games that I should look out for?
  71. Atari?
  72. Sega Dreamcast VC?
  73. Which games?
  74. How much are the downloadable N64 games going to cost?
  75. Dissapointed
  76. Is mario kart 64 available?
  77. is the wii a child's system
  78. When will more titles be anounched?
  79. SLow Connection speeds?
  80. VC prices
  81. VC demos
  82. question about mario brothers VC
  83. Sonic for the VC
  84. Wii Advertising
  85. Games you regret getting
  86. What VC games do you own?
  87. Expensive?
  88. couple new games posted to VC
  89. do you need internet?
  90. ssbm
  91. what will happen to games I downloaded, if my Wii is broken and has to be replaced?
  92. Nintendo wi-fi usb conector users.
  93. Playing VC Games
  94. VC Controller chart
  95. Virtual Console games Question?
  96. I am experiencing problems with Super Mario 64
  97. Virtual console games?
  98. Question about downloads on the VC
  99. Secret Of Mana
  100. sim city Orz
  101. Video turns off when playing virtual console games
  102. Can UKers buy points in dollars?
  103. More Space
  104. when???
  105. I heard that there's a method of getting N64 games for free on the Wii
  106. Bomberman 93
  107. The next VC releases
  108. Conker's Bad Fur Day?
  109. Smart Vc Shoppers
  110. [Rumor] Goldeneye for the VC?!
  111. Questions......
  112. Classic Controller
  113. New VC games this week...?!?
  114. New VC game out!
  115. Tecmo Super Bowl
  116. Classic Controller
  117. Bond shooter on Virtual Console still a possibility
  118. FourScore 4 player VC Games?
  119. Lagoon
  120. Hopefully the Ninja Turtles...
  121. Arcade Mode?
  122. is 007 golden eye coming on the virtual console
  123. Virtual Console Pricing, Games etc
  124. Ocarina Of time / Master quest?
  125. Does Any1 Kknow If U Could
  126. VC games darker than usual?
  127. ALL SNES games?
  128. Getting Super Mario 64 and Sonic the Headhog!
  129. Can you play VC games offline?
  130. New games availability
  131. Controller and Multiplayer question
  132. Mario Bros VC Video
  133. Gameboy On Virtual Console
  134. Wii availibility?
  135. Super Mario 64- Only Classic Controller?
  136. Brand New Games
  137. Goldeneye
  138. Mike Tyson's Punch Out on VC
  139. Little Sonic help please!
  140. Wii DEMO download service announced! [DE]
  141. Happy Monday
  142. Need Virutal Console Games
  143. Which games do you want to see on VC?
  144. What game do you hope to see on VC?
  145. How is the virtual console in general?
  146. Ristar (Genesis)
  147. Wii Shop Channel and Virtual Console Games
  148. Something Big for the VC
  149. Virtual Console Points Card
  150. My virtual console rant
  151. Poor show (again) Nintendo
  152. Street Fighter 2 VC
  153. Who here is waiting to get Super Mario Bros(series) and Super Mario World(series)...
  154. Points for play
  155. Strider Sega Genesis VC
  156. UK VC titles confirmed
  157. Goldeneye
  158. UK VC Games to run in 50hz shocker
  159. I've Never Bought From the Wii Store...Yet...
  160. need help
  161. controllers
  162. Virtual console hopes
  163. [UK Members] Nintendo VIP Member? Get free VC games!
  164. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Help Pleeeaassee
  165. vc games you'd like to see
  166. Teletext Wii Virtual Console Review
  167. How bout getting some other Console's for VC
  168. SEGA VC Release Schedule
  169. UK Gamer looking for some VC Advice
  170. Are you impressed?
  171. Virtual Console -Mario 64?
  172. Donkey Kong Racing
  173. Goldeneye, Banjoe Kazooie. Perfect Dark, Conker..
  174. Which VC game shall I get?
  175. Dreamcast
  176. Zombies ate my neighbours (SNES)
  177. What is the price for Aus VC controller's?
  178. Will These Games Come to VC?
  179. It's Monday! What are the new games?
  180. Can's see games on LCD
  181. imformation
  182. Rareless Confirmed as of March 26th
  183. Internet Connection Sharing Error
  184. Smash Bros Melee For Wii
  185. Are the VC games online multiplayer?
  186. Gunstar Heroes
  187. Virtual Console Reviews
  188. what exatcly can i do with wii friends
  189. Australian vc updates?
  190. Gunstar Heroes
  191. Some games I think we need to see
  192. demos or playin on vc
  193. Official list of Australian VC release dates
  194. Super Mario World : SNES
  195. VC question
  196. star wing
  197. VC Discussion
  198. Sonic question?
  199. My VC game won't stay still- Help
  200. Japan VC titles video
  201. Columns anyone? + Highscores
  202. Donkey kong (nes ver) no good
  203. Sonic Wii Cheats?
  204. VC question
  205. Sonic stuck in Demo mode
  206. New ideas, Hard to get games, Current issues, Dicuss it all HERE!!
  207. What VC Games??
  208. Which V.C. Games Are Coming Out Today in U.S.????
  209. Kong or Kong Jr.
  210. Zero Wing Theory
  211. Kid Chameleon
  212. street fighter 2 for vc
  213. is nintendo star points the same as wii points
  214. 3 FREE VC games to come the Wii?
  215. BEST VC game so far??
  216. wii points
  217. sunset riders
  218. Hacking The Virtual Console
  219. Bomberman 93
  220. Do u need a vc controller to play vc games?
  221. wii free points???
  222. Actually Owned A TurboGrafX ?
  223. Keith Courage for VC ?
  224. No Christmas Freebies.. but wake up Christmas morning to..
  225. Sonic for VC
  226. Switch To Jap For ALttP?
  227. Are these games available on the virtual console (or gonna be available)?
  228. Yeh!! Super Mario Bros NES - Christmas Morning
  229. Nintendo 64 FPS's
  230. Nintendo to make gamers more hungry?
  231. Kid Icarus On VC
  232. give me "gunsmoke" or give me death!
  233. i expected more from Virtua Console
  234. Christams Lineup
  235. Military Madness
  236. New to Nintdeo... What Should I get from VC?
  237. Superstar Soldier incredibly hard??
  238. No Super Mario Bros. in Australia?
  239. Christmas VC Update?
  240. vc...sd card?
  241. My Wii rant!!!!!
  242. WII classic controller
  243. what time tomorrow?
  244. Wii VC Hacked
  245. wii connection
  246. ecco the dolphin
  247. any1 buy the new games the came out 2day?
  248. Christmas Surprises
  249. wii remote and Super Mario Bros.
  250. i cant get on the virtual console