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  1. Played the PS3
  2. PS3 software tie-in ratio
  3. Too Deer
  4. Who's getting a PS3?
  5. PS3 to lose $307 per unit
  6. What the hell?
  7. 150 PS3 units @ my local Best Buy
  8. ps3 out today
  9. Playstation 3 Review...
  10. Under 9!
  11. PS3 graphical glitches?
  12. Holy Lord!
  13. Ps3 having problems with backwards compatability
  14. Ps3 Site Vid
  15. Am I seeing things? $15,400 for a PS3??
  16. SMASH My PS3 (Fanboyish Funny)
  17. PS3 madness
  18. Anyone want a limited edd ps3
  19. PlayStation 9
  20. Bestbuy website says it has new PS3 stock
  21. The next best thing to a PS3
  22. So Playstation pulls a fast one on me.
  23. Check your local terget!
  24. Sony to force Blu-ray upon us
  25. About that PS3?
  26. PS3 Controller not new
  27. Ps3 Has Another Problem
  28. Check your best buy!
  29. Ps3 Killer
  30. WiiS3
  31. can the ps3 connect to my monitor?
  32. There will be no PS4
  33. Three reasons why ps3 is a waste
  34. i deserved it..
  35. PS3 Killing in my town!!!!
  36. MUST READ: "Sony files new 'Remote input device' patent"
  37. Sony to copy Nintendo's sensoring!
  38. Gamestop PS3
  39. Your PS3 Thoughts
  40. PS3s Not hiding anymore?
  41. Us Ps3 Sales Disappointing
  42. Tekken 5 to Ps3
  43. PS3 download speeds.........suck
  44. Check your local Best Buy!
  45. break a ps3
  46. Psp
  47. PS3 HDMI Question:
  48. Losing money?
  49. Psp/ps2 Thp8
  50. PS3 for sale
  51. PS3 backward compatability issues?
  52. PS3 Ripped/Burned DVD playback question:
  53. Just got a PS3 at Best Buy!!!
  54. PS3 or Wii
  55. games
  56. What sucks more to play with? A pile of crap or ps3
  57. Hilarious Sony rant :p
  58. ps3 movie download
  59. Time Magazine: Ps3 Doesn't Live up to hype
  60. TIME: PS3 Doesn't Live Up to the Hype
  61. Know Where to Get a PS3!!!!
  62. Abundance of PS3's
  63. Costco.ca Got 60gb PS3 with 4 GAMES
  64. No Resident Evil until 2008
  65. Splinter Cell headed to Ps3
  66. Ps 3 $1 - No Joke
  67. To all those kids with ps3s on there santa lists
  68. Mortal Kombat-Armageddon PS2
  69. Barely ANYONE at PS3chat has a sense of humor...
  70. Maybe if....
  71. PS3 Vs. Wii
  72. ...My god...
  73. Tired of sonys bullshit
  74. is it true that you can use HDD cache?
  75. oh my god
  76. Real Ferrari VS Gran Turismo HD Ferrari
  77. FF13 looks so good!
  78. Im gonna laugh..
  79. Bad year for Sony? You decide...
  80. Top 21 Stupid Sony Quotes
  81. Remember When...
  82. sony, you've gone too far...
  83. Wii PS3 Commercial Spoof
  84. PS3 available online through Best Buy
  85. PS3 - Price Is Right
  86. PS3 on top in 07 ?
  87. How long till you thing Sony makes a PS3 light
  88. Force Feedback on Ps3? Not So Much...
  89. new member and new year
  90. X reasons to buy Wii than PS3
  91. 3 months xbox live?
  92. SUCCESS or FAILURE for sony?
  93. Motorstorm for Xbox 360???
  94. is it worth it ?
  95. ps3 available
  96. Why do you guys hate so much
  97. PS3: Pros & Cons
  98. Burn Sony
  99. ps3 funny video(s)
  100. Ps3 folding at home
  101. PS3 Or PS2?
  102. Complete non-byass comparision of Ps3 and Wii
  103. MotorStorm Does not Support 1080p
  104. Console Sales
  105. Why PS3 Games will most likely NOT be longer.
  106. Blu ray vs hd dvd sales figures
  107. Wii 75... PS3 2
  108. Games exchange selling PS3 games
  109. Playstation 2 the biggest hit at christmas
  110. PS3's collecting dust
  111. any videos of MotorStorm ??
  112. PS3 commercial?
  113. Sources (Other Than Sony) proving the PS3 is in high demand
  114. Should I?...
  115. Price and release of ps3 uk ????
  116. PS3 vs. Chainsaw (and a few others)
  117. Pics of Ps3 Comaptibility Issues (must see)
  118. when is ps4 coming?
  119. i want a ps3
  120. Ps3 Blinking Issue Exposed and Fixed(sort of)
  121. PS3 Video Problems. Can Anyone Explain This Please?
  122. Videos of Numerous PS3 Problems(must see)
  123. I want to get rid of my PS3.
  124. Blu-Ray Stress Test (Very Impressive)
  125. Lair screens
  126. PS3 to get even better at taking your money with add-on credit card reader
  127. Ps3 does have a scaler
  128. PS3 Canadian Price Update WTF?
  129. Ps3 To Cost $835 Dollars In Britain? What?
  130. Low Ps3 Sales Spell Trouble for Game Makers? Some thing so...
  131. Spiderman/PS3 = Same font?
  132. Killzone!!!
  133. No ps3's in stock, but plenty of wiis
  134. I don't understand why people care so much.
  135. Ouch!
  136. My friend sold his Wii for PS3
  137. Ps3 is the best console ever!
  138. PS3 "blown away" by Wii according to MSNBC
  139. Amazon bestseller list
  140. Best buy sold out of ps3's
  141. Ha Ha
  142. i heard the ps3 sucks
  143. if you like PS3
  144. Ps3 Wins Next Gen
  145. Saints Row coming to PS3 ???
  146. X-Play Advice
  147. Interview with PS3 producer of Splinter Cell: DA
  148. Sony finally realizes what is needed, a price-cut
  149. PS3 ain't that bad.
  150. psp?
  151. HMV refuses PS3 pre-orders unless consumers agree to buy PSP too
  152. PS2 out sales PS3 in Japan
  153. PS2 games still coming out
  154. US version compatible in the uk
  155. PS3 can't trade in games?
  156. PS3 or 360?
  157. the damiz of sony
  158. God Of War rox!!!!11
  159. I'll be rich in no time!
  160. Europe gets casino royale
  161. Sony Lost A Lot Of Money On The Ps3?
  162. Motorstorm online trailer
  163. Oh noes, the PS3 will diiiiiieeee....
  164. my opinion of the PS3
  165. Ps3
  166. MDG Giving Away Free PS3's...
  167. Do They Really Lose Money?
  168. Do you want 20% off a ps3 or wii?
  169. Super Nintendo out-selling PS3 on Amazon.com...no joke.
  170. should i get a ps3
  171. PS2 Disc Errors
  172. Has any 1 beaten MGS: 3 snake eater on extreme?
  173. Top Five gadgets you Shouldn't Buy (according to AOL)
  174. besides graphics what attacts you to buying the ps3
  175. Console Wars.
  176. PS3 wifi? pfft...
  177. If you had the money, would you get a PS3?
  178. Wow...
  179. Playstation 3 Video Review
  180. Harrison: Rumble is so last gen!
  181. Sony releasing $600 BR players
  182. No More MGS3 Online
  183. So Im geting a new PSP game today i think maybe
  184. Sony Blackballs Kotaku (oh and a rumor)
  185. Coming to a ps3 March 8th
  186. Fanboyism - Leave it at the door please
  187. Sony settles Immersion Tech suit
  188. Sony, WTF?
  189. fanboys
  190. Hi just asking if this is a mistake.
  191. PS3 Current Affairs Article
  192. Will PS3 have sucessess in Europe
  193. Why PS3 gets bashed
  194. Why the PS3 is the *best* system Ever!
  195. I was Thinking about getting a PS3...
  196. PS3 Murks The Entire Mii System And Wii With This
  197. This Is Living? Really?
  198. a 3D online world war?
  199. Are you going to buy a ps3 because of home?
  200. Penny Arcade goes PS3
  201. UK Buying Ps3 release Date.
  202. Little big Planet
  203. I would buy a ps3 if i lived in japan lucky bastards
  204. Kingdom Hearts Remix
  205. So how is MGS 4! on PS3 plz tell me.
  206. Angry at Sony! Rant!
  207. Why ?
  208. Home
  209. so...who got god of war 2??
  210. "Sony is still the one to beat"
  211. PS3 To TV Leads - What to buy...
  212. ps3 price cut
  213. flOW Comic - PS3 game.
  214. Ratchet and clank trailer
  215. Healthy flame free team console war disscusion
  216. PS3 sucks, now tell me why not to think so.
  217. EB PS3 "deal" -- surely i read this wrong!!!!
  218. ps2 gamers?
  219. My UK PS3 Was Despatched Today!
  220. Sony's gone bloody mad
  221. PS2 commercials still airing.
  222. Ps3`s of plenty at my store
  223. Ps3 for all ages.....
  224. Ps3 Forum Rant
  225. Ratchet and Clank
  226. DMC4 not exclusive
  227. DL games on ps3?
  228. OmG Devil May Cry
  229. hahahahah, ANOTHER sony exclusive lost!
  230. PS3...will be better
  231. Rachet and clank 4 tailer
  232. Will The PS3 Succeed in Europe?
  233. Play UMD's on PS3
  234. Need Ps3 Help!!
  235. PS3 New controller revealed
  236. Ff13
  237. Keep your ps3 on this sunday night
  238. Game says ps3 launch is better than wii and 360
  239. i might get one
  240. PS3 launches in Australia today
  241. PS3 Launch in France
  242. UK: Sony gave out free 46" Sony Bravia LCD HDTV's
  243. Sad Launch day for the PS3...
  244. Sony Fanboys Cry
  245. Wii Vs PS3 vs Xbox306
  246. So many PS2s at my store
  247. PS3 - Chec Hard drive space?
  248. I'm thinking of selling my 360, why?
  249. ps3 and connection
  250. usb controller cable not included