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  1. Battle?
  2. Friend Code Exchange! [canada]
  3. Big Hit Spammers
  4. Tired of disconnectors
  5. Who Thinks They Can Beat Me
  6. Most Irritating Character?
  7. MSC is dying on Wiichat... and its quiet around the world.
  8. How Do You Counter Hammer Spam?
  9. IM looking for MSC Buddys! FC's Please?
  10. I suck...
  11. mario strikers charged football uk friend codes
  12. every time i play msc online it aways says connection lost
  13. The Map/Feild online
  14. does anyone wanna play msc online US only
  15. Got A Few Q's On MSC
  16. help me
  17. What a humiliating defeat!
  18. argh, stupid toad video (not good quality, don't enter if you want to flame about it)
  19. Can Someone Give Me a Nice Review of This?
  20. Do u have to add people to play online>
  21. i need friends on mario strikers charged
  22. Tackling method.
  23. USA, East Coast Mario Strikers Charged Tournament
  24. Im On Right Now So U Have To Be Also
  25. Mario strikers online play
  26. "Serving It Up"??
  27. Where do you find your friend code?
  28. Help With Strikers Friend Codes!!
  29. Should I get it?
  30. Just wondering...
  31. Mario Strikers tips n tricks
  32. mario strikers with nunchuck or wifi adapter?
  33. I hate this game
  34. 2 save files?
  35. saving on the sd card...help?
  36. Can you have 2 save files on Strikers?
  37. Is it just me?
  38. My team good enough?
  39. How do they do it?
  40. Crystal Cup Champion(Diddy Kong)
  41. Devastating Hits?? Bugged?!
  42. Whats with Diddy?
  43. Megastrike blocking advantage on smaller screens
  44. north american one night only tournament
  45. Friend codes and ?'s
  46. strikers beginner-medium level tournement
  47. who do you play with??
  48. Novice Players
  49. Need help getting through Fire and Crystal?
  50. Online Matching Opponents is...
  51. IS it fun on 2player
  52. Cheating
  53. The Offical Msc Team Maker Tread
  54. how do i find my mario strikers code to play online?
  55. need someone to play ms online
  56. Mario Strikers Charged Pixels/Static Of Doom??????
  57. wii strikers online problem!
  58. just got my wii !!! with mario strikers
  59. Post your Strikers Code HERE, Make friends in no Time
  60. Disconnectors
  61. glitches/strategies
  62. I suck in Strikers Cup. Tips?
  63. Can't Get 2nd Player Remote To Connect
  64. NA Tournament
  65. Lob Shots?? (B+Z)
  66. EU opponent seeking players
  67. Have you ever noticed
  68. i h8t it when people chant hack losing
  69. Glitch?
  70. North American One-Night Only Tournament
  71. looking for an opp.
  72. I got MSC!
  73. Got it
  74. msc tournaments
  75. Mario Strikers:Charged 2-player splitscreen?
  76. Challenge me.
  77. Favorite Mario Strikers Charged Music...
  78. 9/11's Striker of the day
  79. Who is the best striker here?
  80. Playing for over 400hrs!!!
  81. Do u need frriend codes? or can u randomly challenge?
  82. question on Striker Cup mode
  83. error 85020 wtf?
  84. Help!!!
  85. Wondering if anyone could give me some tips
  86. Server Down?
  87. Looking for inexperienced Striker friends
  88. North and South American 2v2 Tournament!!
  89. Tournament Info on SnowNKeeks Tournament
  90. Is the person with the higher ball possesion the better player?
  91. Weird lookin msc version..
  92. How can I counter CHEAP moves?
  93. The 3rd NA One-Night Only Tournament
  94. Should I really get it?
  95. any newbs wanna play?
  96. Question About Strikers FC Codes!
  97. So I got Strikers.
  98. Mario Strikers Tournament Tonight 9/25
  99. comebacks
  100. Challenge Help
  101. Wouldn't this be cool?
  102. 2000 Wii Points To Tournament Winners
  103. need help!
  104. any one wanna match
  105. Need Friends!
  106. After 3.0, strikers still updates?!
  107. Crystal Cup! >:0
  108. Mario Strikers Charged Friend Code Exchange
  109. Any late nighters?
  110. Strikers Help!
  111. The Official Strikers Goal Thread
  112. Rate my team please
  113. Who is very skilled at this game?
  114. Leader Board/How good are you? Sound off
  115. Trying to perfect waluigi
  116. Official MCS Tag Team Match-Ups
  117. Question
  118. Tourny tonight?
  119. Lag
  120. Want to Play
  121. Training Teams
  122. add my strikers code uk london
  123. Hints and Tips?
  124. Convince me this game is good!
  125. Weird...
  126. Offical Q & A Strikers
  127. popular captains
  128. Super Mario Strikers Review
  129. How to tackle with Monty Mole
  130. I would stil be playing this game if...
  131. Striker cup help
  132. Waluigi is AWESOME!
  133. Looking for strikers friends and matches
  134. best price i can get it at (AU)
  135. Your best team setup
  136. level of competition
  137. Question about region locked
  138. wouldn't it be nice...
  139. I'm Online! Come beat me!
  140. REGGIE, a true Striker.
  141. The origin of (wR)?
  142. Mario Strikers Charged Canada Friend codes
  143. I think i have the right team
  144. Begininers friend codes
  145. Challenge ME!!!! ANGRYN*GGA
  146. Cheaters
  147. Equal shots beat Power ALWAYS
  148. trying to enjoy strikers (online)
  149. Someone want to play?
  150. What is your favorite Mario Strikers Charged trick shot?
  151. Should i get it?
  152. help me plz !!
  153. Should I buy Mario strikers?
  154. controllers
  155. wow omg
  156. Mario Strikers Charged Sub Forum Failing??
  157. Disconnecters
  158. What pisses me off
  159. problem defending!
  160. I thought I'd stop in and see if anyone has questions for me
  161. Time over
  162. An MSC Match Video ^^
  163. Think You can Beat Me?
  164. Innuendo
  165. All captains: Is it true or was it made up?....
  166. Plz help me!!!
  167. Official "I always get pwn3d at Strikers!" Thread
  168. No BS Teams
  169. ATTN: Big O
  170. watching replays
  171. Charging useless?
  172. Seeking A Challenge!!!
  173. Match anyone?
  174. Loss glitch?
  175. MSC Radio
  176. best team for DK
  177. The Roll-O
  178. worst team
  179. @ Grandma!?
  180. need a worthy oponent
  181. activate 2nd controller
  182. Wario
  183. Is it impossible to play across the pond?
  184. Mario Strikers Friend Code Question
  185. need help on friend codes
  186. Mario Strikers or SSB?
  187. Seeking Competative Mario Strikers Charged Opponents!!
  188. Mario strikers charged Character guide/ratings
  189. New Waluigi Video, see what he can do
  190. Is making someone watch the Highlights a taunt?
  191. Mario Strikers Charged Captains/Teams...Which Teams Do You Use?
  192. Crystal Canyon
  193. Mario Strikers Fields/Stadiums...Which Area Do You Prefer?
  194. Funniest Moments
  195. What is your top score?
  196. bowser
  197. Want to start a US MArio Strikers Charged Tounament
  198. Response time with larger tvs
  199. New Nokia n95 8gb Unlocked Phones
  200. Odd Thing I've Noticed
  201. There's an ongoing bug on eu servers!
  202. Can't beat striker cup
  203. What do you hate on msc?
  204. Strikers or FIFA 08 ??? hmmm...
  205. Where do i find my strikers code?
  206. i never thought i would like bowser this much
  207. tryed to search...
  208. Unbelievable
  209. Should I keep it?
  210. Mario strikers charged football friend codes (Europe only)
  211. Breaking the defense
  212. i hate DK THIIIISSSS much...
  213. MSC U.S Tourney
  214. I need to buy a new game.,..
  215. Sure you get a lot of this...
  216. UK Only MSCF Tournament!
  217. Strikers Problem!
  218. question about teleporting
  219. The most important tournament in strikers history...
  220. Strikers Newcomer Tournement
  221. ATTN: Jaron
  222. STrikers ADD ME!! ONLY IF YOUR GOOD
  223. who friend codes are these?
  224. Ready to loose?
  225. WHY Lag It!!!????
  226. New To MSC
  227. friend code dilemna
  228. friend codes: add me!
  229. How do you stop dry bones?
  230. So I'm thinking of Buying MSC..
  231. some newbie questions (kinda long)
  232. ~Official International Strikers Ladder~
  233. Holy Strikers Charged Batman!
  234. Stupid question, I know...
  235. Questions about mario strikers
  236. So I just played against #1 last night
  237. Can I change my team after I win a cup?
  238. how do i hit other players properley ?
  239. Help With Restarting My Tournament
  240. How do i know the code?
  241. Add me to Mario Strikers Charged!
  242. Strikers Newbie Question...
  243. Should I get it?
  244. Best Team Setups In Strikers Charged. Plz Share Your Team
  245. Doubles Matches Tackle Spammers beware!
  246. Nuew to Mario Strikers Charged
  247. Mario Strikers I'm Confused?
  248. Players that play MSC a lot thread
  249. [wt] Arbok vs [wt] Psycofoot......crazy match
  250. Start Adding Me To Mario Strikers Charged. Lets have a Battle!