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  1. whats the best team to complete the crystal cup with ?
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  10. must have strategy!!!!!
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  15. who has?
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  19. want to start a europe MSC tournament
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  21. Need Diddy Strategy
  22. Europe match
  23. just bored so free 2000 wii points 2 winner!
  24. How do i find my Wi-Fi code in Mario Strikers?
  25. Favourite team.
  26. OMG everyone chooses DK Now
  27. This is about RJ
  28. How to do power ups in the game?
  29. I would like to play someone good
  30. Two-Player team looking for foes
  31. Your Longest Online Match?
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  33. Going UP Against Best Player
  34. What do you consider a good record?
  35. Giving ITEMS on MSC
  36. Playing Defense
  37. Santa
  38. How do you get the Super Abilities?
  39. This game is so fun
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  42. 1st Mario Strikers Tournament - 16 competitors
  43. Trouble with defense
  44. New msc tourney
  45. Defending this strategy
  46. I need to learn good strategy and tricks
  47. Does anyone else get amused by Boo's laugh everytime he scores?
  48. Who has been Striker of the day?!
  49. Annoyed
  50. Looking for charged opponents
  51. Error 61010
  52. Survey: Lobbing or PowerHitting?
  53. MSC Offical Guide, Learn The Tricks Of The Pro's
  54. Strategy Advice?
  55. Who Wants to Play Now?
  56. Why doesn't anyone use Petey?
  57. Creating Lag
  58. Tricks w/Bowser
  59. Currently: A Daily Leader
  60. xClickx , im ready to play
  61. One Ticked Off Player
  62. 2v2 Tournament
  63. Dont know why.
  64. Blocking megastrikes with guest
  65. Up for A Match??
  66. im new and wanna play
  67. Game ON!!!
  68. Anyone Else being badly disconnected?
  69. Best way to beat three boos?
  70. Help with trick shots
  71. MSC on HDTV
  72. European matchup
  73. Connection Quality.
  74. plz who wants to play strikers
  75. can sum ppl giv me there strikers charged code
  76. online play?
  77. just won my first game
  78. skillshots
  79. Need help with multiplayer..
  80. Online play
  81. exchange freinds code europe only
  82. anyone want to play
  83. How many people can play Strikers Charged in the same room?
  84. 2nd mario strikers soccer tournement
  85. looking for someone to play me with a guest
  86. Most annoying cheat...
  87. Who has completed it 100%
  88. Picking out a team.
  89. Should I get this game?
  90. Do you still play this game?
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  93. Come in to play super mario games
  94. Do people still play this game online?
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  98. MSC Website
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  102. people still playing
  103. Strikers charged friend codes
  104. whats your team?
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  106. Anyone still playing this game ????
  107. A New Mario Strikers Charged Site