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  1. Super Luigi Galaxy
  2. Yeah, you know SMG? I just bought mine today, the 11th.
  3. Super Mario Galaxy Hour Long Special on G4TV Tomorrow
  4. So... Does it come out today?
  5. Coin that comes with SMG!!!!!!!!!
  6. Someone make a long vid plz!
  7. Toys R US Special
  8. This board
  9. UK: Online Preorders, who's got what?
  10. The official "I Bought my SMG Copy"
  11. The Question is: SMG or SSBB?
  12. SMG Best Game on Wii?
  13. Toys "R" Us free 25 $ gift card
  14. SMG so great?
  15. Mario Galaxy scores an 11/10 ?
  16. SMG or SM64?
  17. All the ways to get stars?
  18. I have beaten Galaxy and...
  19. How long is SMG
  20. Collecting these stars is like doing drugs
  21. $35 Smg
  22. diggin the music-- what about you?
  23. SMG Wi-Fi
  24. First impressions of SMG?
  25. Trick to get tons of lives and even more Star bites
  26. Anyone else wondering what Star Bites taste like?
  27. Mario Phone Message?
  28. I smiled when I played this game.
  29. Galaxy or olympics?
  30. How do you like co-op?
  31. the official mario galaxy help thread
  32. Music makes my feel like Disney World
  33. Is it just me or is it a little easy at first?
  34. omg, super mario..........
  35. Yoshi
  36. Getting Galaxy Today
  37. Character Icons at Beginning
  38. Getting SMG tomorrow probably. Worth it?
  39. is this game worth it?
  40. Game Save
  41. Super [spoiler]Luigi[spoiler]Galaxy
  42. 6 hours till SMG
  43. Galaxy Collectors Guide
  44. Flip Switch Galaxy
  45. Lost lives when saved?
  46. Good fun. Way too easy...
  47. Does anyone know where all the Green stars are at?
  48. Bowser looks amazing. And he's really well animated.
  49. R U Mr Gay?
  50. How Did You Feel When You First Bought Super Mario Galaxy?
  51. Officially the Best Reviewed Game EVER
  52. How to get past Big Bag Bugaboom
  53. Stuck
  54. Super mario galaxy
  55. Best TV For SM:G?
  56. Big Bad Bugaboom Treetops? <Spoiler>
  57. Super Mario Galaxy is officially the best game ever made.
  58. renting super mario galaxy
  59. Super Mario Galaxy ----Good and Bad points
  60. Im so happy!
  61. Rayman Raving Rabbids 2, Zach and Wiki, or Mario and Sonic?
  62. Collecting all 120 stars?
  63. i got SMG today
  64. Crowns on the player select screen?
  65. SMG Difficulty
  66. Hidden galaxies?
  67. I HATE Super Sweet Galaxy
  68. Honeyhive and Good Egg not completed will all 3 stars?
  69. How many hours to beat the game?
  70. Difficulty Swimming
  71. Toys 'r' us, selling Mario Galaxy, for only 26
  72. SMG at $43.99 at Costco
  73. Brawl Released 12/3/07 ????
  74. super mario galaxy story line is from super paper mario
  75. Smg 8.7?
  76. Super Mario Galaxy Review
  77. Super Mario Galaxy Official Highest-Rated Game Ever
  78. crowned stars?
  79. PLEASE say there is more surfing levels....
  80. Mario Eerie Nostalgia Hardcore Remix
  81. 2 Player Mode Info???
  82. About the 60 stars to finish the game
  83. Luigi question!!!
  84. Still haven't got Galaxy :(
  85. Super Mario Galaxy is so sweet
  86. Mario Boost
  87. Ray Surfing!!
  88. SMG live!
  89. Super Mario Galaxy
  90. Bowser time
  91. What is the average length of time it takes to complete Mario Galaxy?
  92. Official ' I Beat Super Mario Galaxy ' Thread
  93. Trial galaxies: which is ur fave one: surf,roll,blow?
  94. What's the best SMG guide?
  95. Favorite Boss, Hardest Boss, Easiest Boss
  96. SMG, unreal
  97. Prankster Galaxies Help
  98. how do you bowser the last time?
  99. Soul Calibur Vs. Mario Galaxy
  100. Should I get Galaxy?
  101. How Many Hours
  102. twitchy remote
  103. Nintendo forgot 1 thing
  104. glitch to get inside of the starshroom
  105. hidden stars
  106. Would galaxy be FUN for a Wii60 owner?..
  107. Need help with Mario Super galaxy
  108. Finally, something difficult...
  109. Motion Sickness?
  110. Hardest Stage
  111. So What Now?
  112. The games to easy and is made for children 12 and younger
  113. the unlockable after you beat the game with luigi is...
  114. Favorite Super Mario Galaxy Music
  115. Now what?!?!?
  116. Galaxy best game of all time? Dont think so
  117. I discovered something
  118. Did anyone play the Fast Track Games?
  119. Who else think the final boss ruined the story?
  120. Purple Coins?
  121. "Situational" Powerups suck out the fun
  122. Mario Galaxy a "borderline failure"
  123. Super Luigi Galaxy
  124. weed + SMG?
  125. Every time I quit ,lose all my lives?
  126. Game Over
  127. Super Mario Galaxy- best Nintendo game?
  128. I think galaxy is over-rated
  129. My biffs on Galaxy
  130. Super Mario Galaxy
  131. Please tell me....(spoilers inside)
  132. My thoughts about Mario Galaxy
  133. How many hours is this game?
  134. When to go and beat the game?
  135. Green Star in Battlerock Barrage...
  136. How to unlock the dino piranha speed run
  137. galaxy graphics
  138. mp3, or smg?
  139. Is this game worth getting?
  140. Saving Problem?
  141. do you get all the stars then go defeat bowser
  142. Which should I get first, SMG or SPM?
  143. Comet Observatory Music
  144. Buy SMG, get 50% off another wii game-TRU
  145. Saving Luigi Good Egg Galaxy
  146. How to Beat Bowser in Bowser's Star Reactor Galaxy?
  147. SMG = Wicked
  148. Hours played
  149. Would you take something from the game?
  150. The colors of mario series
  151. wtf
  152. luigis purple coins
  153. Flip switches
  154. smg pictures?
  155. Can some one persuade me?...
  156. Super Mario Galaxy Soundtrack
  157. *spoiler* Do Not Enter Unless You Have 120 Stars
  158. is the wii pointer in mario galaxy Jerky
  159. SMG vs SM64....
  160. SMG videos
  161. How do you spin jump when your sliding?
  162. i need help
  163. super mario galaxy boss
  164. smg do not open till christmas
  165. Looks really complicated...is it?
  166. Super Mario Galaxy 121st star with Luigi
  167. YAY! I gots 2 copies of SMG :p
  168. Finally...
  169. Most Creative game of all time-
  170. Can't get past A Snack of Cosmic Proportions *sad i know*
  171. Do you use the First-Person Camera mode? Ever?
  172. hhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  173. Is SMG too easy?
  174. Anyone tried this move thing yet?
  175. Help ! Stuck on 1st Galaxy
  176. Weird glitch in Bowser Star Reactor?
  177. 2 player mode
  178. When do you get to the toy time galaxy?
  179. Help! I can get past the end of A Snack of Cosmic Proportions!?
  180. When it comes down too it...
  181. Collecting Coins...
  182. Soundtrack!
  183. Control Configuration
  184. Lives being lost
  185. Is SMG worth it?
  186. What Planet is Luigi on?
  187. Stars....
  188. Help races
  189. Galaxy is game of the year '07
  190. Need some help please
  191. how many stars do you have?
  192. has smg got online play?
  193. When you beat the game: Did you use a guide?
  194. How do u get to Grand Finale (last star)?
  195. I'm stuck ON THE 2ND PART OF BARON BRR'S
  196. Help with that small planet with the dino and it's egg
  197. SMG Headiest Game Ever
  198. super mario galaxy purple coins
  199. Beat SMG Today!
  200. super luigi galaxy
  201. Question
  202. Peach letter glitch?
  203. Mario Galaxy on DS?!
  204. 120 stars=== Luigi time
  205. Just Beatin SMG in 3 days
  206. 40+ dead marios.....stupid
  207. So Luigi...
  208. Red Luma's Secret...?
  209. Which level(s) gave/are giving you the most trouble?
  210. overrated
  211. Is there any reward for... *SPOILERS*
  212. History of Mario
  213. Unlockable galaxies==luigi
  214. Language Differences
  215. How to get CROWN
  216. Purple coment not coming fast enough?
  217. which planet is luigi on?
  218. luigi insuper mario galaxy
  219. Worth to toad?
  220. Luigi on the Roof Glitched?
  221. Wii Sports Update with Super Mario Galaxy?
  222. Need hint on Beach Bowl Galaxy
  223. death count
  224. Should I Get Smg
  225. Super Mario Galaxy question...
  226. Don't Bother
  227. What's Ur Fav. Galaxy ?
  228. Fun with gravity
  229. Super Water Jump!
  230. Freak Glitch!!!
  231. Worst part of the game?
  232. Favorite Power?
  233. Underground Bag Guys With Feet?
  234. So do I have to beat Bowser again?
  235. Green Star in Dusty Dunes...need help
  236. Daisy Vs Peach
  237. 2d Vs. 3d
  238. Grand Finale Galaxy Question
  239. 4 stars
  240. game time???
  241. What can the 2nd player do in SMG
  242. Whats so great about smg
  243. How Long Did It Take You To Beat This Game?
  244. something i have always wondered about drybones
  245. Galaxy Sale Fail
  246. SMG game play
  247. Mario galaxy problem
  248. thinking about getting this game...
  249. SMG Lives Problem
  250. Help Me with Dino Piranha Speed Run!!