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  1. Favorite Chicken Dish?
  2. Valentines Day
  3. Realm of the Mad God: Try it out!
  4. Shotgun!
  5. Strictly for PKMN lovers && Ninty
  6. The Banned For Game!
  7. Cool - Not Cool (the critic's list)
  8. Insult the person above you!
  9. Who has bbm if you do added me girls
  10. Entertain me
  11. To all who Role Play, and any who remember the success known as Realms...
  12. Countdown From 10
  13. Days Passed Away
  14. Days Passed Away Mission/Job/Rumor thread
  15. WiiChat Decides 2012: The Official Political Discussion Thread for WiiChatters
  16. Needs more dancing
  17. I got majorly bored so talk to me
  18. Caterpillar Poop
  19. Wii hate humor
  20. Do you want to be a Werewolf or Vampire
  21. Happy Halloween WiiChat!
  22. Would you be a vampire pilgrim or a werewolf indian
  23. Funny life stories or just be funny.
  24. Would you want to be a WERELION?!
  25. Would you want to be a WATERMELON!!
  26. Wartune
  27. WereTiger
  28. Wererabbits
  29. Werepeanutbutter
  30. End of the world soon?
  31. Who's your oldest living relative?
  32. Im The REAL HyruleZing
  33. 12/12/12
  34. The Funny Gif Thread!!
  35. Sexy naked girl!
  36. Yo mamma
  37. From DBz, is Frieza a girl or a boy?
  38. Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Rap match-ups
  39. i have to put this
  40. Epitaphs for the Banned
  41. Scart Maze Game O_0!!!
  42. Sega Smash Bros. What if thread
  43. Attention all wiichat!!!! Awesome video!!!!!!!!
  44. Who's Better, Magikarp or Magikarp?
  45. The Thread Of Success!!!!!!!!
  46. Three time!! Three time!! Three time!! Sucka!!
  47. The thread of picture conversation...
  48. If I were a mod I would...
  49. Um.......
  50. Awesome new porn site!! Great content!! Naked men!!
  51. Only one online!!!!
  52. The thread of caps!
  53. Scare me silly thread.
  54. Succubus
  55. which is better xbox 360,xbox 1,ps3,ps4,wii.which one would you get?
  56. The "Chuck Norris" Thread
  57. Your silliest haircut ever!?!
  58. What would you do for a Klondike bar?
  59. Its Friday, im kinda drunk so.............................
  60. Ye legende of nothing
  61. Its Friday, im NOT DRUNK.................
  62. Order of The 'Karp
  63. Trick or ruddy treat
  64. ****ing pissed -_____-
  65. Twitch Plays Pokemon - The Bleachers Thread
  66. Profile Picture Rate Thread
  67. Its been 8 years
  68. Trick or ruddy treat
  69. A have wrotened a peom!!
  70. Splash_King found..............