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  1. Call Of Duty Modern Warfare: Reflex Edition UGK Clan
  2. Looking for a CoD:MW:R Clan
  3. Attention tatsunoko vs capcom players
  4. Join the Call of Duty: Black Ops Wii Clan!
  5. Before you start a clan read this
  6. Gunslingers ~ The GoldenEye 007 Clan for Adults
  7. Looking for Black Ops clan
  8. AKK challanges any clan
  9. starting a sniper clan for the wii
  10. starting new wii clan elite rangers now officially recruiting
  11. DS[ = Death Squad
  12. (Wii) black ops clan TEAM ALPHA wants yo a$$ in this clan =)
  13. Note- One thread per clan. OMG WHEREZ MY THREAD!Read this
  14. New Black Ops Clan...looking to join?
  15. $-K- clan
  16. Calling clan leaders
  17. Silent Ninja Squad (Black Ops Wii Clan)
  18. Monster Hunter 3 Tri Clans
  19. New goldeneye wii clan [nn]
  20. El Pollo Clan
  21. WKS/Remix - Black Ops Wii clan! RECRUITING. Have FUN!
  22. BOT recruiting
  23. Join Crew!
  24. Looking for a clan 1.50kdr+?Blackopz
  25. Conviction recruiting
  26. Best Clan Officially Recruiting For Cod 4 Reflex
  27. Recruiting For MD/ any one to have a game battles match
  28. Forming Team
  29. Looking For Black Ops Clan
  30. Looking for Hard core clan match
  31. Looking to join a BO wii clan
  32. 17+ Call of Duty Players
  33. Looking for cod black ops clan!
  34. merging clans 2gether
  35. [LF] Lethal Forces [Black Ops Clan] [Wii/Xbox 360]
  36. Glitch Mobb
  37. Starting a Goldeneye clan nedd people to join
  38. [FtB] Clan
  39. Underground LegendZ uLz* Black Ops clan
  40. Knifer searching for a knifer clan
  41. Relentless Pwning Assassins[RPA]
  42. toao clan black ops wii
  43. [S4H] Soldiers 4 Hire [Recruiting]
  44. New ssbb clan website!
  45. (wc) official clan thread
  46. Looking for a pro clan.
  47. european clan?
  48. Ftw
  49. Come JOIN the GoldenEye Cereal Clan...
  50. Looking for a clan
  51. wanna help me?
  52. looking for active clan
  53. Wii Online Gaming Clan
  54. Clan [D2C] Info!
  55. [PlayerName] clan
  56. Recruiting for black ops clan
  57. [WC]. Wii Chat's very own Goldeneye Clan.
  58. Looking for a clan to battle
  59. Modern Warfare: Reflex | Join NGX [NextGen X] Today!
  60. Goldeneye 007 clan {SoS} Sanctum of Shadows
  61. looking for a clan to join please!
  62. Looking unclanned PAL players
  63. Looking for a black ops clan.
  64. the Mr.clan
  65. Looking For COD MWR Clan
  66. Looking for Clan
  67. COD Black Ops Clan Recruiting!
  68. DOAP Clan Multi-Platform Celebrating 1 Year of Service
  69. Akatsuki Goldeneye 007 Clan
  70. Goldeneye Wii: "AoW" Art_of_War Clan official thread
  71. Anonymous Killers
  72. New goldeneye clan DK (deadly killers) accepting all levels
  73. [RS] want"s war!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  74. [[DE] Dead Eye 007 clan is now recruiting all lvls
  75. Warrior Nation (WNx) Recruiting Members
  76. Savage Soldiers
  77. (GH) Golden House
  78. Looking For Cod Black Ops Clan
  79. GO CLAN -- Black Ops
  80. Calling All Potential [OG] Clan Recruits!
  81. [+] Clan Announcement
  82. the best black ops clan KgN (top 100 sites leader)
  83. Calling All Wii Black OPs players
  84. }{eroes clan
  85. Join My Clan [JMD]
  86. Metal508
  87. How Awesome Would a Girl Clan Be?
  88. GE Justice League
  89. Looking For A Clan
  90. Lethal aggression clan - call of duty wii clan
  91. cod black ops clan
  92. GoldenEye }{eroes clan!
  93. New Clan on the block! SSM now looking for members! Goldeneye
  94. E4 Goldeneye Clan
  95. Blackops Tourney (Clans)
  96. Goldeneye Heroes Team
  97. Wii multigame clan
  98. Looking for M.W.R clan.
  99. E4 is looking for clan war
  100. Looking for Black Ops clan! (A good one to! And active...)
  101. Looking for Sniper Clan
  102. Starting a CoD sniping clan
  103. Need a Black Ops wii clan.
  105. Z16 Elite - New Goldeneye Clan
  106. NHA (NO HACKERS ALLOWED) is recruiting for mw3 on the wii
  107. clan battles for MW3.
  108. Black OPS CLAN *JOIN*
  109. HAMS Clan
  110. MW3 Clan 30+ [TKC]
  111. Started a new clan for mw3
  112. Alpha Force Clan
  113. Modern Warfare 3 Clan
  114. Mw3 wii clan
  115. MW3 Wii CLAN [AF]! We do ALL!
  116. Anybody Looking Too Recruit A MW3 Clan Member
  117. Nation : Modern Warfare 3 Clan |Recruiting|
  118. Alt+Ctrl+Game Gaming Community
  119. MW3 Wii Clan (No EviL)
  120. New Elite Clan
  121. LPM is here
  122. Call of duty black ops new clan TLK LEGENDARY KILLERZ
  123. looking for a COD5 WaW clan to join
  124. New Rockin Clan NSC
  125. All Girl Goldeneye Clan?! <3
  126. ge fight
  127. Mw3 clan: 720. Looking for members!
  128. Mw3 clan!!!!searching for members.
  129. Joining a Clan
  130. Goldeneye Clan Locator
  131. !!![DARK] Is Recruiting!!!
  132. Team KrYpTiC - Modern Warfare 3 Wii Clan - RECRUITING
  133. MW3 wii clan- Silent Assassins.
  134. 56 front line looking for clan
  135. Death Beaters Clan Recruiting MW3 Wii (Note: clan name may be changed)
  136. New MW3 clan [snow]
  137. Looking for Hardcore clan
  138. CbK ~ Wii MW3 & Black Ops Clan
  139. Looking for Mw3 clan
  140. New clan on the site! [SAS](Secret Assasin Shooters) are back in town!
  141. Mw3 clan
  142. NEW MW3 CLAN PKMN!!! please join!
  143. New MW3 Clan .HK//
  144. New Wii Clan for adults over 30!! The Bacon , Chili& Cheese organisation.
  145. [tbic] clan
  146. lookin for mw3 clanage
  147. MW3 Clan [Fender]
  148. Cybernetic Master Society [CMS]
  149. CheckMate MW3 Clan
  150. LaB Clan
  151. AM$ clan
  152. NEW Goldeneye Clan
  153. MW3 Clan CheckMate
  154. MW3 clan thread [a closed one]
  155. Looking for a Mw3 Clan
  156. ZR Elite ~~ GoldenEye Clan
  157. the thread for a locked clan
  158. Rage Gaming is now recruiting.
  159. Killing Noobs Daily [KND] COD MW3 clan
  160. How to start a clan in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Reflex?
  161. Looking for clan on Mw Reflex
  162. Any clan looking for a member? (GoldenEye)
  163. Modern Warfare 3 serious clan
  164. MW3 Official Clan ~~~ *:*Project Nova*:*
  165. Recruiting for ~MLG~ Clan
  166. Looking to join a sniper clan! (mw3)
  167. MW3- xSINrs Clan [Leadership Needed]
  168. The Best Black Ops Clan Now Recruiting.
  169. Looking for an active Goldeneye clan
  170. Started a clan, WII COD BO only.
  171. [MW3] Join MwK* Clan!!
  172. TheClams.webs.com - Accepting New Members now!
  173. Join my clan
  174. New Goldeneye Clan... The Star Wars Clan
  175. ZR Elite - New Thread
  176. New team prime lokking for members
  177. Gamers Of The Future (Facebook Gamer Group)
  178. MW3 Clan (D4RK)
  179. x3- Goldeneye Clan
  180. 007 Embassy
  181. NGZ- A Nintendo Variety Clan - GE, CoD, Pokemon, Rayman and more!
  182. Looking for a Mw3 clan
  183. Looking for clan members. (MW3)
  184. Legit black ops clan needed
  185. Bravo Team 6 CoD clan recruiting (August 1st)
  186. New clan for MW3: EST720 need members! Desperate
  187. Sins Enraged {SE} ~~ GoldenEye Clan
  188. 007 Embassy [E7]: GoldenEye 007
  189. [M.w.N] Modern Warfare Noobs
  190. New MK group!
  191. ** "Epic RaNdOmNeSs" or "E.Ran." CoD 5 WaW Clan !!NEW!! **
  192. RockSt*r Clan MW3 Wii
  193. SaVe clan Recruitment MW3
  194. Looking for a sniping clan.
  195. Try Clan: COD:WAW
  196. APACH3 clan tryouts.
  197. Looking For a New Clan!
  198. SCOPEx Clan Recruitment for Palyers
  199. 007 Embassy [E7]: GoldenEye 007
  200. The PHANTOM BRAWLERS are recruiting once more!
  201. Cryptic Gaming Needs Members
  202. Sixers Regeneration
  203. New Clan The BS Clan
  204. SyNc mw3 clan recruiting ;-)
  205. Looking for group of active brawl players
  206. Are there any active black ops wii clans?
  207. SSBB Paladins of WiFi recruiting center
  208. Furious Freedom Brawlers
  209. Silent assasins Goldeneye clan
  210. Looking for a MW3 Wii Clan
  211. How do i join a call of duty clan? i will join the clan that post first on this threa
  212. Looking For Clan in MW3
  213. Black Ops Clan
  214. Black ops: Wii Clans, Join one today!!!!!
  215. Furious Freedom Brawlers Recruiting Center
  216. New MW3 Wii Sniping Clan!!!!!!
  217. [SOB] Clan Recruiting for blackops2 WII U
  218. I need a clan
  219. Looking for a fun clan
  220. 007 Embassy [E7]
  221. Mushroom Kingdom Clan
  222. Tas clan
  223. (swe)souls we eat for goldeneye007 wii
  224. [PRO] Clan Embassy
  225. Come & Join My New Clan [XP]** Is The Name Of The Clan....
  226. MW3 Wii clan looking for recruits!
  227. Smash Clan
  228. 2013 " Official [XP] Clan Page " Recruiting New Members Now !!!!!!!
  229. Looking to start a NPG Clan for Mario Kart Wii
  230. New Goldeneye 007 Wii Clan (Oct 2013)
  231. Official FoX Clan Page
  232. [ACE] Now Recruiting
  233. Starting Clan In Goldeneye
  234. MW3 Wii looking for a clan!
  235. Looking for a good wii clan on mw3
  236. [DRA]DeadOrAlive Clan Tryouts anyone's welcome
  237. New MW3 Clan
  238. New MW3 Clan: The BEBOP Crew
  239. Looking for CTGP-R Mario Kart Wii Clan!