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  1. Rumour: Wii 2 has Blu-ray Drive, Controller Contains a Screen
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  6. Project Cafe to have just 8GB of storage, claims latest rumour
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  12. Wii U
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  16. The discs
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  19. Price...
  20. Wii Virtual Console to Wii U?
  21. so so lame :(
  22. Wii U will have AMD Radeon HD, IBM power-based microprocessor on board
  23. Features??
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  25. New Games??
  26. Amazon...
  27. Nintendo: Wii U will only use one controller
  28. No you cant play it on the can
  29. No Bluray/DVDs for U
  30. Will I need to buy a Wii and Wii U?
  31. NINTENDO's WII U will not play dvds
  32. Turning point for Nintendo?
  33. Imagining Metroid on Nintendo’s Wii U
  34. Wii-U Concerns and Expectations
  35. one of the firsts buying the Wii U
  36. Will the Wii U have... Mini Games?
  37. Wii U to have Better Internet Support?
  38. Wii Fear U
  39. what is the wii u??
  40. Wii U Development Issues
  41. what do u think about inuyasha wii &wii u game it great or not
  42. Wii U Be Waiting?
  43. My prediction on launch titles for the Wii U
  44. Wii U Price??
  45. Servers up for online Wii games when Wii U comes out?
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  47. If you traded in all your Wii Accessories...
  48. Will the Wii U's Internet Stay Free?
  49. Wii U release dates and MSRP?
  50. Rumour: Nintendo Courting Comcast for Wii U
  51. The Wii U debate
  52. Is the Wii U the next dreamcast?
  53. Wii U Specs
  54. Wii U graphics 'less powerful than PS3, Xbox 360' - developers
  55. Wii U, 3DS compatibility idea.
  56. Rumour: Wii U Components Cost $180, Will Retail at $300
  57. Wii U release date leaked?
  58. Possible Wii U launch Titles.
  59. Wii U specs
  60. Wii U Will Launch With Digital Store
  61. 'Majority' of Nintendo Games to be Released Digitally
  62. UME on E3
  63. new wii u control
  64. Wii U gamepad VS Smart glass
  65. Help!!!
  66. Wii U sucess in danger: Sony bought Gaikai!!
  67. Wii U's new contender: Ouya Android console
  68. Nintendo refused to use EA's Origin service on Wii-U
  69. PS3/Vita Combo vs Wii U controller/3DS
  70. Wii U quality issues rumor
  71. Wii Still Fear U: And Now I Don't Like U
  72. Wiimote??
  73. My experience playing the Wii U in L.A. (Club Nintendo benefit!) ^.^
  74. [wishlist] Purchasable movie disk playback channel?
  75. New Super Mario Bros U May Not Run At 1080p
  76. ZombiU premium pack to America?
  77. Are you gonna buy a Wii U?
  78. wii u Pro controller vs wii Pro Controller
  79. Activision Aiming for Black Ops 2 Season Pass on Wii U
  80. SNES Themed Wii U Pro Controller Coming
  81. Wii U Pro Controller Lasts 80 Hours On One Charge, Doesn’t Work With Any Wii Games
  82. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate's Newest Trailer
  83. Ubisoft: Wii U GamePad ‘Really Responsive,’ And Its Technology’s ‘More Advanced’ ...
  84. Nintendo Talks Wii U GamePad Range
  85. Wii U Games Launching November 13th, 5 Days Before Console?
  86. Nintendo Issues Statement Regarding 14 Year Olds Manufacturing Wii U
  87. Nintendo: ‘Wii U GamePad Has All The Functions Of A Handheld’
  88. Epic Mickey 2 Might Not Make Wii U Launch
  89. More third party Wii U Pro controllers revealed
  90. Mario and Zelda characters coming to Scribblenauts Unlimited
  91. Pikmin 3 sprouting spring 2013
  92. Business Insider: ‘Wii U Is The Most Fun We’ve Ever Had With Console Gaming’
  93. Wii U Will Only Allow Voice Chat For Select Games
  94. Wii U voice chat with third party head sets.
  95. Wii U games on Wii
  96. Talking Point: Affordable Consoles Come at a Cost
  97. Nintendo Determined to Beat Hackers with Wii U and 3DS
  98. Wii U demo units arrive at Best Buy
  99. The First Ever WiiU Commercial
  100. Wii U Overview Video Shows Plenty Of Close Ups Of The Console And GamePad
  101. Wii U Comparison Video Shows How It Sizes Up Against Other Nintendo Hardware
  102. Nintendo says wii will still be supported
  103. Transfer of Wii Data to Wii U
  104. In case if you missed it. Nintendo direct as of Nov. 7th '12
  105. XBLA Developers Working on Wii U eShop
  106. Reggie To Appear On Jimmy Fallon On Friday
  107. Buy One WiiU Game Get Another 40% Off, Toys R Us Black Friday Deal
  108. Downloaded WiiU Software Can’t Be Saved To SD Card
  109. Wii To WiiU Data Transfer Explained
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  112. Dealing with Wii transfer to Wii U? honest questions
  113. NoA's Bill Trinen dishes on the Wii U's online functionalities
  114. Basic 8GB Wii U has just 3GB space after system installs
  115. Reggie Fils-Aime Visits the Wii U Line
  116. Halting Wii U System Update May Brick the System
  117. The future of Wii U.
  118. Metro Developer: The Wii U has a horrible, slow CPU
  119. Help a mum who knows nothing
  120. Beginners guide to WiiU and FAQ (WIP)
  121. Wii U Marks ‘the End of an Era,’ Says Pong’s Creator
  122. The Godfather of Video Games Is Baffled By The Wii U
  123. Cardboard Cutout Of The Wii U Gamepad
  124. Wii U not supporting cross gaming chat.
  125. Zombi-U: Z-14 webcomic now complete
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  127. Google Maps Announced for Wii U
  128. Playing movies from an ext hard drive through Wii U?
  129. Wii U and Christmas....
  130. Wii U secrets: The GamePad is packed with goodies!
  131. Wii U Panorama View app visible in spring...
  132. Wii U YouTube Channel...
  133. Does not work.
  134. Give Your Wii U A Retro Makeover With This NES Skin
  135. question
  136. Wii U GamePad Lookalike On the Way
  137. EA's Origin app for Wii U
  138. 12 reasons the wii u will fail...
  139. Who has the wii u :D
  140. Pack in game??
  141. WiiU Virtual Console Announced. Gameply on Gamepad confirmed.
  142. How Wii U performs in the 2013 Multiplatform game camp?
  143. Wii U virtual console games coming (spoiler: you have to buy them again)
  144. Wind Waker HD Announced for Wii U
  145. Question about controllers
  146. Amazing WiiU Cinema Coming soon
  147. wii u fail or succeed you decide :)
  148. Wii U Pro Controller
  149. Wii U vs PS4 impressions
  150. wii update
  151. Nintendo is starting to impress me!
  152. Reaction: Doom and Gloom Merchants on Wii U Being Nintendo's Last Home Console
  153. Nintendo of America Reorganising its Operations
  154. DICE Battlefield 4 not coming to Wii U
  155. Wii U spring software update.
  156. getting my wii u in 48 hours
  157. Can everyone please stop ranting about wii u
  158. Got my wii u finally :)
  159. Zombie pics using wii u camera ??,??
  160. Nintendo Direct live stream
  161. EA skipping the Wii
  162. Updates, result of Nintendos live stream thingy *Video added*
  163. Ea and summerwell s comment on wii u
  164. Shadows of Eternals Crowdfunding Campaign
  165. nintendo secures exclusive 3 sonic game deal with sega
  166. Wii U vs Xbox One impressions
  167. SEGA and Nintendo Partnership
  168. WiiU E3 Best buy promotion locations!
  169. Reggie welcomes you to nintendo E3
  170. nintendo E3 direct (extra footage at the end)
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  172. Reggie Explains WiiU's Gameplan
  173. Do you want wii games to look better in backwards compatibility?
  174. Asda stopping selling WiiUs*
  175. Not selling to well
  176. How do I play a game on Wii? New at this?
  177. nintendo direct aug 7 2013
  178. Nintendo Nostalgia Land
  179. need help, before buying a wii U
  180. what do 2nd players use?
  181. Post Your Miiverse Drawings
  182. Transfering files from soft-modded Wii to Wii U
  183. Wii U Stickmodes collection
  184. a video to fight the wiiU hate
  185. Nintendo Direct Nov 13 2013 8:00 am PT
  186. 25 Year-Old Japanese Man Arrested For Allegedly Threatening To Blow Up Nintendo's HQ
  187. Wii U/Ps4/XboxOne features detailed comparison
  188. Nintendo need to advertise wiifit U on Jan 10 2014
  189. Wii U sound cutting out problem solved
  190. Wii + Wii U discs vibration question
  191. Nintendo Fusion rumors
  192. Nintendo announce DS games for wiiU virtual console
  193. Wii U games
  194. win a free WiiU. donkey kong promotion -Canada only-
  195. Wii U actual game time played?
  196. get a wiiiU for 200$ limited offer from nintendo.
  197. get a wiiU mario & luigi U bundle Target $50 gift card
  198. The Official "I Got A Wii U" Thread
  199. did nintendo win e3 2014?
  200. Why??
  201. Luigi's Mansion
  202. Getting a Wii U
  203. Wii U resurgence
  204. Can Japanese Wii U console language change into English ?
  205. Wii Game not working on WiiU
  206. smash 4
  207. Nintendo's new president is...
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  209. newtodis
  210. I appreciate your help
  211. Super Mario Maker
  212. The Nintendo NX new console aka CORE
  213. internet tabs
  214. Internet radio
  215. Wii U study, I need your help!
  216. This Credit Card Cannot Be Used?