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Thread: Wolf Game!

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    Wolf Game!

    I got this off of www.ld4all.com, so I thought I should give them credit.

    Here are the rules copy and pasted:
    Please read this first before signing up for the game.

    * While a game is in progress, no signups are accepted.
    * When a game has ended, signups are opened.
    * An average game takes about 10 to 14 days.
    Please keep in mind that in order to play this game you must be sure that you are able to visit the forum at least once a day while you are still in the game.

    What is it all about?
    The Wolfgame is a RPG (Role Playing Game). It is played with at least 13 players. The GM (GameMaster) hosts the game.

    In a small village the Wolfcurse has returned. At night, some of the villagers will turn into wolves and kill one of the villagers. Nobody knows who the wolves are, as at daytime they behave just like villagers. The only way for the villagers to survive is to kill one of their own every day. At day, everybody votes for the person they think is a wolf. The one with the most votes is killed.

    The Role Play part of the game:
    You decide what you want to be in the story. For example: Innkeeper, farmer, blacksmith, gravedigger. In the story, the GM is the mayor of the village. Itís a role playing game, so itís very fun to post little stories about what youíre doing in the game and such. The GM posts stories about the kills etc.

    The Realplay part of the game.
    At the beginning of the game, the GM randomly assigns the Roles to the players. The Roles are: wolf, villager, seer (and sorc).

    The Villagers need to kill all the wolves in order to survive, but they donít know who the wolves are. Thatís why the mayor decided to hang one of the villagers every day. The villagers can vote every day by PMíing the GM. At the end of the day the GM will post the results. The player with the most votes will be hung.

    In order to win, you have to work together, but you canít trust anyoneÖ Of course you can post what you think or PM people if you donít want to tell something to everybody. It might help the game, but you might get killed the next time too.

    The villagers win the game if all the wolves are dead.

    Each wolf knows who the other wolves are, and they work together. They act like villagers and have to vote normally. Every night they decide together which villager theyíll eat that night and PM their choice to the GM. At the end of the night the GM will post who got killed.

    The wolves win the game if there is an equal amount of wolves and non-wolves left.

    The Seer
    The Seer helps the villagers. Every night the Seer can use his/her powers to Look at one of the players. The Seer has to PM the GM with the name of the person (s)heíll look at, and the GM will answer what kind of person it is (Sorc, Vill or Wolf.)

    The Sorc
    Like the Seer, the Sorc tries to help the villagers. Each night, the sorc can protect someone. (S)He has to PM his/her choice to the GM. If the person protected was the one the wolves wanted to kill, the GM will post next morning: ďThe wolves didnít catch anyoneĒ, and the game will go on, but there wonít be killed anybody that night.

    Everybody has to vote during the Game Day. Villagers, Wolves, Seer, Sorc.

    You HAVE to vote everytime, so you shouldnít play if you canít get on internet each day. If you donít vote youíll get a warning first time, and you'll immediately get killed 2nd time. If you get removed from the game that way, you can't play next time.

    The offical way to vote is by forum PM to the GM.
    Voting in IRC (chatroom) is allowed if
    - the GM requests the vote in IRC
    - the voter asks for permission to give the vote in this way (every time they wish to do so) and the GM agrees - the GM confirms in the private chat that he/she has seen the vote.

    Tied vote
    When at voting two or more people will get the same amount of votes there will be an extra 24h time to vote AGAIN. Every player will have to vote for one of those two players, except the players themselves, their vote won't count.

    After the second time voting the night will start. So there will actually be TWO days without a night when two people get the same amount of votes.
    (When the second time voting still gets two people with the same amount or votes, the GM will toss a coin to decide.)

    When someone dies, the GM will tell the role of that person, and the person isnít allowed to post anymore.

    If youíre dead you shouldnít PM anyone with tips anymore, because it ruins the fun of the game. People that donít play the game are not allowed to post in the game topics.

    Dead players can post in this topic. It is not allowed to discuss about possible wolves etc in public when you have died also. It's up to the living folk to survive.

    If there are any questions left, ask the curent GM. smile

    Remember, it is a game. Don't take things personally if people suspect you. Also don't flame others who suspect you or who you suspect. Doing so might result into being banned a next game.

    That sounds so great! Where do I sign up?
    After you read the rules you can join in this topic.

    Some tips:

    - read through previous wolfgames to have more understanding about how the game is played.


    * Try to compare the votes of people with what they are saying in their posts.
    * Try to understand why wolves ate someone.
    * Try to make someone tell something they shouldnít know yet, so you know he isnít who he says he is.
    * You should make notes of whatís happening and tell on the forum if you see anything strange.


    * You always have to make sure everybody keeps thinking youíre a villager!
    * Try to act like a villager; if you see someone acting suspicious and he isnít a wolf, be sure to tell it to the villagers. If it is a wolfÖ the three of you can decide to tell the villagers you also think he is suspicious, and when he gets killedÖ everybody else will trust the two wolves left.
    * Donít defend the other wolves, if one get killed the other villagers will think youíre one of them too.
    * The longer the villagers wonít know why you killed anyone the better. Pick random people whenever you can.
    * The most important thing you have to achieve is killing the seer. Itís the most dangerous person in the game.
    * If the seer has told someone is a villager, you should kill the villager too, so in the end of the game there are more people who still could be wolves.
    * Of course the wolves can work together when they are deciding to vote for someone as a villager. You shouldn't all vote for the same person each day because you might get suspicious. wink5

    The Seer:
    You have a very important role, but you should make sure the wolves donít get to know youíre the seer. Youíll want to tell the others what you know, but itís hard to make it public while not making the wolves suspicious. These are some ways:

    * Search for villagers and post frequently a list with people you trust.
    * If you have seen a villager, contact them and form an alliance with the people you know are vills.
    * Donít tell anything for a long time and tell everything at once when you know enough.
    * Try to find the wolves and post subtle hints about them. This could be very risky.
    * If you happen to find the Sorc, contact him and tell him you are the seer! If you can work together, he can protect you while you tell who the wolves are.

    The Sorc:
    You could of course protect yourself, but in order to win the game you have to keep as much villagers alive as possible, so you have to try to think like a wolf, and protect the one you think they will decide to kill that night.


    * If you think you canít vote every day, donít play! Idle players are very disturbing.
    * Make sure you know the rules.
    * The first days you donít know anything yet so itís hard to decide who to vote for. Donít tell the other players you just tossed dice or chose a random player, people get irritated if you keep telling this.
    * It is very nice to post little stories about the village and your job, but donít put anything stupid in it, like setting houses on fire. People might start to think youíre a wolf. wink5
    * When you are dead you can't share any information you have about any alive player. You are dead so stay dead

    Q: Can I be a Wolf?
    A: You can't choose that yourself, this is randomly assigned by the GM at the start of the game.

    Q: What time do I have to vote?
    A: Villagers have to vote each Game Day. Game Days last 24 hours. Game Nights last 24 hours as well. In the stats topic you will see if it is Day or Night. Also the GM announces the vote deadline. Be sure to have your vote in before that time.

    Q: I want to join!
    A: great smile In this topic you will be invited to join (the title will change to signups wolfgame). If a game is in progress the topic title is:"Wolfgame - discussions for non and dead players".


    Wolfgame is a game. The object is to have fun and get to know other LD4all members better.

    PM's and private chat
    Please note that joining wolfgame gives permission for any pms/chat related to the game to be posted on the forum. Anything gamerelated you say during the game can and will be used against you ebil

    Respect your fellow members.
    The game might get very heated as accusations are thrown around. Do not take it personally.
    Namecalling, flaming in the game topics will lead to a ban from the next wolfgame. If you flame again in a next wolfgame you will be banned from wolfgame permanently.

    No cheating
    It has to be said. If you are dead you are dead. So you aren't allowed to give any information regarding the game. You should have thought of that when you were still alive. Giving in-game information after you died is considered cheating and will lead to a ban from wolfgame. If you cheat again in a next wolfgame, you will be banned from wolfgame permanently.

    Have fun, and don't forget that the wolf who eats you today, could be the seer tomorrow.
    There were a few alternate ways to play, but I'll just leave them out.
    Ok, obviously a few things would need to be changed in those instructions, so I'll have to edit them when I get the chance and we get everything sorted out.
    A few things I've noticed that need to be changed/clarified:
    We don't need a mod, we could use somebody that we all agree on that we trust and can be online everyday until the game is over. Plus they would have to be fine with all those PM's.
    I doubt we have a chatroom on wiichat, so we can't use that.
    Obviously the spots where it says "in this thread" or whatever aren't links anymore, so those will either have to be ignored or added when we get those threads.
    I've skimmed through the rules again, and I haven't noticed anything else that needs to be changed, so if you have any questions as of what things are, or anything else you need to know, just ask.

    This is only for GM's. smile

    1. Subscriptions
    You have to keep all subscriptions in a word doc or text file, and when youíve got 13 or more players, you can start the game, but you should wait a little while to get some more players. People HAVE to use the topic to subscribe, so others can see whoís playing.

    2. Confirmation
    If you want to start the game you first have to send confirmation PMís to make sure everybody is still playing, we donít want idle players. People still can subscribe while people are still confirming. When enough people have confirmed, you can go on. (Ask Q before you go send the PMís, she can put the anti-flood feature offline for a moment)

    3. Deciding the roles.

    From this point, you canít give any ingame hints about roles etc anymore, and if someone asks you to tell someone something, you can only do it when itís just roleplay, and not about strategies or anything. You also shouldnít tell anything to dead playersÖ theyíll still try to find things out themselves, so it stays fun, even for dead ones.

    Use a Random Number Generator to decide who will be wolves, seer, and sorc. You can use the one on LD4all. Ask Q for the URL and password. The one on LD4all doesnít work with cupid and lovers, though. Just use it again if you need any more random numbers, and just take the first number that appears. If there are 13-15 players, there should be 3 wolves, 16-19 players 4 wolves, and so on. The RNG will do this automatically right.

    4. PMís with roles
    Now you can go send everybody a PM with his/her role, just before the first Day begins. You have to tell the wolves who the other wolves are.

    5. Start of the game
    Make sure thereís an role play, a real game and a stats topic. Lock the stats topic so only you can post in there. You can put any roleplay in the roleplay topic, and explain some specific rules in the real game topic. Also post reminders, how much time there is left to vote.

    6. Voting
    Youíll get the votes via PM. Donít tell anybody about the votes till itís time. Then post the results, update the stats topic, and remove the killed person from the user group. Of course you should tell what role that person had.

    If thereís a draw time will be frozen and there will be a revote. The people that could be killed arenít allowed to vote again, the others have another 24 real life hours to revote on those people.

    Everybody has to vote. If a player hasn't voted - send that player a warning PM. Also tell which player didn't vote in the voting results.

    If a player doesn't vote for the second time, he is immediately removed from the game. In addition to that the player with the most votes is executed. Don't forget to tell the role of the idler.

    so: 1st time idle: warning PM, 2nd time idle: removed from the game.

    If the votes are tied and an idler who didn't vote for the second time is in the tie, there is NO revote. The IDLER is killed and the others in the tie are free. The night starts then as usual.

    7. Wolves, seer and sorc.
    One of the wolves has to PM their choice, and the seer and sorc have to do the same. Post the results of the wolf bite at the end of the next day. If the sorc protected the same person, the wolves wanted to kill, just write down the sorc protected the town successfully. At the same time you post the wolf results PM the seer with the role of the person he asked for.
    If the sorc or seer didnít do anything you donít have to warn them, itís their own problem. However, if the seer asks during the day if he/she still can look at someone, just tell he/she is too late, and should have done it during the night.
    If the wolves donít PM you (which is very rare) just explain in the topic the wolves didnít even PM, and try to continue the game.

    8. End of the game
    Vills win if all the wolves are dead.
    Wolves win at the moment there are as much wolves as non-wolves left in the game.

    When this happens, tell it in the topic, and post all stats you kept, like what the sorc and seer actually did.

    Donít forget to congratulate the winners!
    There are a few more problems with the GM Manual. For example, we would have to trust people not to post in the thread(s) they are not supposed to, like the stats topic. Hmm... Maybe we DO need a mod or an admin to be the GM.
    This is starting to get WAY to complicated... On LD4ALL.com they had an entire section for this game, not just a few threads under one section...
    I can add the other threads we would need if enough people want to play it, and if we can find a way to get the threads to work, and if we can find a mod who is willing to be the Game Master.

    Hopefully we can get this going smooth, and it won't be a huge pain to get this to work... It really is a fun game. Let me know what everyone thinks!

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    looks like this game is a bust. too much to read.

    If you add me PM and give me your Wii#.

    S.E.C. Twist & Shout

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    That's what I was afraid of... there's way to many problems with it allready... but still.
    Hopefully we can get it to work, it's a great game.

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    I'll join! Can I be a wolf?

    Spoiler Alert!

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    Well, we'd have to get enough people who want to play... and a moderator...

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