I think it's a pretty appropriate title for the game.

First off, this game is mainly just for those of us who have been on since the beginning of the site's opening (May) through September.

So what you do, is you find a page from a LONG time ago, that shows how different we have changed as people and members. I'll start. :]

Lol at this one. This must have been at a time when he didn't have any cronies to do the dirty work.

Scroll down the page to find "DtD"'s post. Back when you could have huge siggies that linked to other pages. Also, it's phimuajedi! Where'd that guy go...

Yay, more plasmaspunk stupidity.

Just a personal friend, dwaltin. Don't know where he went. >.< (scroll down to see him)

Search it up! All the threads that have ever been made on this site are here somewhere, stored in the history shelves that is Wiichat. :] Have fun...