hello, and welcome to my thread, please wipe your feet on the door mat! lol...
Anyhoo, how this works is you post a funny, scary, weird, cool, heartwaring, or romantic storys or quotes made up or not. then rate the story writen above you!

I'll start! (this one is made up and is related to my sig)

It was a bright and sunny morning!!! CRACK RUMMBLE BOOM! (lightning effects) CACHOOOME! BANG BOOM RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE... He was sitting at his desk, replying to THIS very thread! When he turned off His Windows 1937, it was getting late, so he want to bed.
But he didn't know that he was being whatched... Every second he was being whatched by a squirel, poised and ready... what this squeriel was about to do wasn't the first time he done it... now all it had to do was wait for the right time to come... Finally, the vermen attacked!
and... well... you can just read my sig to get the OVERVIEW of what happens next...

(I know that story sucked, LIVE WITH IT!!!)