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    Damn, I wish I could join, but I probably wont be able to see WMBQs RP to the end seeing as I go off to basic training soon. And I just had a wonderful idea for this too.

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    Nozomi (Japanese name meaning Hope)
    Spoiler Alert!

    Physical Description:
    She's about 5'6'' tall and weighs about 114lbs. Nozomi has long bright red hair and deep violet eyes. She has a light scar across her right sholder that she covers with her jacket. No one but her and her mother know how she got it. She doesn't talk about it to anyone else. Her skin is tan colored in spite of constant darkness.

    The sword she carries is just about as tall as her and looks a bit too heavy for her to use but she does so very well. (no i did not draw it)
    Bio: (Please use at least 5 sentences)
    Nozomi lives with her mother on Destiny Island. Her parents are still married but her father lives somewhere else (The World That Never Was) and is royalty for the Forgotten but her mom is light, one of the ones who have to avoid usuing thier powers.
    Because of his status, Nozomi's father doesn't want the community to know about his wifes Light lineage because if the people knew he was married and father to light beings he would be ruined. So he doesn't turn them in and he also doesn't allow a devorce from her mom because he wants to keep an eye on them.
    He visits them a couple of times each month and pretty much demands for everyone to act like a happy family despite how much her mom is afraid of her dad and how much Nozomi despises her father for keeping them both captive the way he does. He has people watching them all the time.
    On her 12th birthday she had enough and she ran away from home and tried to leave Destiny Island by the use of a raft. She did well keeping herself hidden while she was building the raft because her parents couldn't find her for the couple of weeks that it took her to make it. She was gone for months after she set sail on the raft but her father never stopped looking for her.
    A couple of months after she left, the leader of the Light Knights found her still on the raft. She was barely concious from nearly drowning, and starving and dehidrating to death. The Light Knights took her in and she spent another couple of months with the Light Knights, recovering from her near death experience and learning their objective which she agreed with. After she recovered the leader of the Light Knights offered to let her stay with them permanently as long as she earned her keep. Nozomi agreed and now is now working with the resistance. She hopes to one day return to Destiny Island and let her mom know she's ok and save her from her dad as well but for now she has to keep her identity a secret so her dad doesn't find her. She wants to help to restore light to the worlds and save her mom and friends she left behind. Helping the Light Knights was her best way of accomplishing that goal.
    She is always curious and because of that she finds herself poking her nose into situations that she shouldn't a lot and that gets her into trouble from time to time. She is very stubborn and she usually jumps into action without thinking it through first. She is very outgoing and she makes friends easily though she has a bit of a bad temper at times.
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