ive got loads of friends but none of them play much
details about me.
country: England
MW and WaW name: 21egroeg
When i play: 4-6 (usually)
MW lvl: 2 prestige lvl 46 / WaW lvl ?? dont know as i dont play much but just got bouncing bettys
glitches: lots of glitches there is 1 really cool 1 but u need to be my friend first.(MW glitches only)
MW K/D: 0.94 WaW K/D: O.75 around there i think
MW kill streak: 26 or 25 ive forgoten i think 26 mostly. WaW kill streak: around 11 i think
avg. kills a game: mw:15 WaW:10
favourite game type:MW 1st headquarters,2nd search and destroy and 3rd sabotage WaW: all
MW fc : 288918748850
if any1 wants more info about me pm me or if you want to be my friend pm or email me at george.elves@gmail.com and tell me your info

preferably email please...... but dont mind pm.
okay remember all this.