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    Question All 30 intel locations!!! (Work in progress...)

    Hello, I have noticed a lot of people are having trouble getting all the Campaign intel on MW:R. To help these people I've made this guide. Enjoy!

    #1 Crew Expendable: After shooting the drunk and the sleeping guys, look on a desk near the bunk beds for your first piece of intel.
    #2 Crew Expendable: After Gaz and Price throw a flashbang look towards the bottom of the first staircase leading off the catwalks. It will be sitting on the floor next to a hole.
    #3 Black Out: Inside the first shack with two tangos in it
    #4 Black Out: In the bathroom of the house Nikolai is in
    #5 Charlie don't Surf: Inside the first target house in a room left to a drawing of an AK
    #6 Charlie don't Surf: Right before crossing the main road, look for a room tinted blue. Upstairs are guns and the intel.
    #7 Charlie don't Surf: After crossing the main road, look for a staircase to the right and go up it. The intel is on a desk.
    #8 The Bog: After using the enemy machine gun, two Marines will breach a room and kill the enemies inside. The intel is on a desk left of the door.
    #9 The Bog: after using the Javelin, you go in an alleyway. Look for an upright fridge. Opposite of it is a pile of boxes in a corner, Behind that is the intel. This one is a bit tricky!
    #10 Hunted: After being flashbanged, look on a desk in the house with a drink machine out front.
    #11 Hunted: After Price tells you to find overhead cover, look for the tables with sheet metal overhead. It is on a table.

    That's all for now! I'm currently replaying the Campaign. Will be updated soon!
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    Dude Every1 knows where they are if u need there locations PM me
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    hey hi
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