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Thread: My black ops fc

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    My black ops fc

    Hey if u have black ops add me. I play zombies and multiplayer and for the time being i am playing campaign. I will be getting the headset for x-mas.
    If you want to be my friend follow these rules. No glitching or hacking. Play fair and be nice. The most important rule is have fun. My fc is 2185-8801-2144 just add me and i will accept when I get a chance to get on. I play for a normal amount of time.

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    A my ac is 2561-7991-0433 add me I have a headset so yeah add me and if u want a clan go to rpblackops.webs.com and apply k
    My GamerTag for tge X Box is Joker68
    aihq.tk the clan im in AI

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