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    Quote Originally Posted by br3 View Post
    What I mean by camping--
    -- is playing defensively. Camping is the act of staying in one place that is either REALLY hard to get you out of, often through a combination of flanking being ineffective, being able to see 'nades and other projectiles coming, and good cover, OR, sitting in hard-to-see places or around corners and waiting for people to walk past you, so you can shoot them in the back uncontested.

    Playing defensively is what you described (except for that last part... sitting in an alleyway is definitely camping). Camping "tactics" = scrub. Defensive tactics = smart. It's unwise to call yourself a camper if ya aren't one, bro. Gave me the wrong idea.
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    Thats being new if you're going to camp a specific spot or hard to reach area you're always going to die eventually for it. I rather camp there get a few kills run in a hard to see corner of the same area wait for them to attempt to mob the area kill them again run to the opposite corner kill again then return to my original spot if you manage to merc them every time they eventually stop trying except for the dedicated killer :P

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