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    Hello, and merry/happy Christmas for everyone, here are some of your drawings, (not all), I hope you like them, and I'm also gonna add to the first page all of the other drawings I have made about Smash Bros. Brawl.

    Tornado Luigi for Dumbass_Luigi:

    Link for Kai:

    and Sir Gawain Boo and the Green Knight Luigi for Dumbass_Luigi:

    I still have to finish Samus101's Samus and SSBB_Fan's Meta Knight, and I've been having some problems with the scanner, so I'm sorry but you guys need to be a little more patient, thanks.

    The end is near....Or is it the beginning?
    it's THE BEGINNING of an endless fall into a precipice of epic Brawling fun.
    Add me to Brawl:
    FC: 317957548849
    User name: AXTLR
    if you added me, send me a pm with your code too, please.

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    I don't care how long you take. It's great that you are even doing this. You finish the others first then take as long as you want on mine. No rush!

    1.Character: Diddy Kong Kirby holding a bannana peel grinning
    2.Position: Full body
    4.Coloring: Photoshop
    5.Background: Grass hills
    6.Style: Any
    7.Text: Kirby

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