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    Gaming Cartoon - Ep 1 'AnniversiWii'

    Super Turbo Gaming Deluxe: Episode One 'AnniversiWii'

    Me and a few friends have started making an online gaming cartoon which will focus on up to date games news and events. The first episode in the series has just been released and we would really appreciate any feedback that you can offer.

    'In this episode the three flatmates Ben, Matt and Lewis look back on a year of UK Wii gaming and what living with Mario and Link is really like.'

    Hope you enjoy the episode.

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    Make sure you do a episode where someone has a Flash Back of Halo 3 day, and they go insane cause there tramiatised from all the madness and ppl. Lolz Halo 3 was one of the most important gaming events in history.

    Edit: make sure my name goes in the credits lolz
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