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    Lost season 1 was brilliant but they it strated to get bad in season 2, season 2 was ok but season three was terrible.

    lost is going on untill 2010.

    There will be a few mini series's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skorp
    He was shot around his stomach a little higher maybe.

    Originally it was planned to end after like 6-8 episodes and just exist as a miniseries. But due to its popularity they made it into an actual series. So yes, they are making it up as they go. This bothers me too, but what can you do. I'm sure they have a goal in mind and they know where they are going with it now. They can't answer all the questions or nobody would watch anymore they have to answer questions while creating new ones, which is frightfully annoying but its what they have to do.

    Spoiler Alert!

    Me and lost have a love/hate relationship. Why'd they kill off Echo, he was like my favorite. Thank goodness Juliet is such a badass looker, Kate just ain't doing it for me anymore.
    Sorry to say, that is not true.
    I have the boxsets with bonus material etc, It was originally going to be a series that would last 1 series (24 eps), ABC then asked J.J abrams, damon lindelof and carlton cuse (after the pilot aired) that they would like them to create 8 seasons.
    Damon and carlton said that they would rather do 5 as they didnt want to 'drag it through the dirt' - in their words.
    Even before creating the pilot episode, they planned out the series as a whole (no matter how many seasons) and highlighted which points they should bring out (mysteries and questions).
    Up until the end/middle of the second season when ABC didnt tell them when they were going to stop broadcasting it so damon and carlton didnt know how to carry on with the show (speed wise, rolling out mysteries), Until ABC then again, confirmed that lost will go on for 3 more seasons (16 episodes each season).
    Damon and carlton recently said in an interview that they were glad that it has an end in sight now so they know how and when to roll out questions and mysteries and to end the show how it was all planned.
    Thankyou for reading, this took me 10 minutes to type, i cant explain so its probably confusing lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wii_Smurf
    I don't get lost. It seems to drag on every episode and they seem to be making it up off the top of their heads. I liked the first couple of episodes and after that it went abit weird....

    Carry on with thread

    it's because the producers originally wanted it to be a short series, but ABC refused to give them an end date. And with all the ratings it's been getting they just keep going. making each episode more and more bizzare, trying desperately to keep the story going. I've gotten sick of it.

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    This last episode was fantastic. So much stuff revealed about Ben. The ending made me mad like every week <_<

    Definitely the best series I have ever seen, and this season is MUCH better than Season 2.

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