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    Dont think I have ever seen the audience

    But S.fry had the forword in Douglas Addams last book The Salmon of Doubt

    Funny book
    Done by a man with bizzare ideas on liff
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    Yay I went ^_^

    Was rather amazing

    Jo Brand, VIC REEVES! and Clive Anderson were the guests =]

    They had a special spy theme throughout the episode so they were all dressed like Inspector Clouseau ^_^

    They recorded for about 2 hours non stop, it was like one uber long episode it was great ^_^

    Fist there was a warm up guy who was on awesome comedian who took the piss out of this American guy in the audience the whole time, then he introduced Stephen Fry, then one by one Stephen introduces the guests

    When Alan Davies come out he had his mobile out and was recording stuff, and this is it


    And then this happened too =]


    The second video was before they started filming, they sat there for about 15 minutes just talking to each other and us about stuff and it was really funny

    So yay, it was great

    The security guard made me take the batteries out of my camera so I couldn't take photos on set =[

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