One of the most popular albums in the world right there.
Wondered if any of you guys saw the covers of the album? I thought they were really good/accurate to the originals. I'm not exactly a huge Beatle's fan, infact I'm a Hip-Hop fan who likes the odd stuff, bita rock and soul but that doesn't matter.. but this album is a classic, and the remakes are quality.
An example of Bryan Adams cover:

Another song by The Beatles that was covered was 'With a Little Help from my Friends.' Every album, Ringo Starr was promised to sing one of the songs, even though he wasn't the best singer, this was the one he got picked to sing for. Razorlight covered this song, and as a tribute, they're drummer sang the song - thought that was kinda cool:

Anyone know if the albums gonna be released? I'd get it.