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    Velvet Revolver Libertad CD Review

    Fans of their first CD Contraband will not be disappointed with the release of Libertad. The Supergroup consists of 3 members from the band Guns N' Roses and lead singer Scott Weiland from the Stone Temple Pilots, they also have another guitar player who was not from those two bands.

    1. Let It Roll- 2:32
    Great opening track, great sound, fast. Quite the attention grabber.

    2. She Mine- 3:25
    Drums start this tune off well, followed by some great guitar. Lyrics are great here, I see this being a single.

    3. Get Out The Door- 3:14
    Scott's voice is great here, repetitive lyrics, but it works.

    4. She Builds Quick Machines- 4:04
    First single, great solo about halfway through. Great lyrics.

    5. The Last Fight- 4:03
    Slow tempo, but still a decent tune.

    6. Pills, Demons & Etc.- 2:54
    Perhaps the band is talking about their past experience on this track. Solid tune.

    7. American Man- 3:56
    Interesting sound, good song.

    8. Mary Mary- 4:33
    Sounds like old rock n' roll. They do it well here.

    9. Just Sixteen- 3:59
    Great song, fast guitar, drums show they place here.

    10. Can't Get It Out Of My Head- 3:58
    Slow tempo again, nice little love song here.

    11. For A Brother- 3:26
    Dedicated to the late Michael Weiland (Scott's Brother). Good tune, and surprisingly its a fast one.

    12. Spay- 3:06
    The only not so good track on the CD, everything works, but the lyrics.

    13. Gravedancer- 8:42
    Starts slow, then leads into the hidden track. Good song, see this being a single as well.

    Overall, this CD is great, and better than their first release.
    Only a few not so good spots.

    Worth the purchase

    This is my second CD review. First one was a dual one, and can be found here:

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    It sucked.
    More than enough said.

    Well do you?

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