I wrote this up awhile ago...feedback please.

Last Updated: 05-27-2007
This is a rant/informational post about jagex,moderators, and the sort.
I originally posted something similar to this on the official runescape forums,what do you know within 5 minutes a forum mod closes and hides the truth about Jagex.
Ps: I have nothing against runescape,runescape is an okay game however, the people that manage it are the problem.
Note: This does not apply to rune-server moderator's or staff in anyway,they arent uptight and all secretive like Jagex

Moderators get alot more then jagex tells us. Jagex lies, player moderators in a way do get free membership(they get to access the forums without paying because they have mod only forums). Did i mention there was a thread a while back called "P-mod awards " posted by a jagex mod?

I felt player's deserved to know that jagex lies alot more then they thought.

Player Moderators get the following
-Their own forums on the offical forums
- Priority abuse report/customer support(because to jagex normal player's are just money if your a p2p if your f2p u mean nothing)
- They get awards(there is a thread about it in the p-mod forums
-They get free access to the forums(jagex says they "dont get free membership" yeah they dont,but they get free accsess to a member only thing)
-They get almost 24/7 support for Jagex and Jagex treat them like gold
-They get special events" Known as "Mod Parties"
-They are permitted to(and are givein) Andrew Gower's personal email address

Now a few things about jagex you should know...
-They **DONT** give personal replies to customer support messages unless it is something **THEY** deem worthy
-They are not unhackable,they just claim to be so people will stop trying
-They lie to players to make themselves look good
-They treat f2p like dirt because they dont pay and our therefore worthless to them
-They dont care about p2p,you are just money to them
-They really dont care that much about their moderators very much,your used so they dont have to work as hard
-You try to reveal their true colors and they shall remove your content and/or ban you
-They think to highly of themselves

Things About Moderators in general...
-Once you become a moderator do you notice none of them make grammar mistakes or spelling mistakes?
-Most of them are uptight and abuse their power
-They are not trustworthy, and scam you as much as normal players do
-They are very cocky because they have power

This is a quote from the forum moderator's post after locking my thread.
(My Username)

I don't believe this kind of discussion is appropriate. Discussions of moderators or the Player Moderator centre in this fashion is not permitted as it's not positive or conducive to a positive atmosphere.

We don't permit the ranting of other players, or of Customer Support on the forums. If you have a problem with the way Jagex deal with things, please take it up with them in a private message via Customer Support.

Moderators have a job to do in helping maintain a safe environment for all players. To do that effectively, there are things we must be able to do. Just like police officers in real life have certain abilities. There is no secret to that. Discussions of them are not permitted on the forums, however.

Please don't create this thread again.


~(Mods Username)
Now if that is not proof that moderators are forced to defend jagex's creditability then I dont know what is. As for the moderator's post about police officer's. I don't think that comment about police officer's was not even needed Police officer's do alot more then moderator's and cant be used as a comparison
If I find anything else to rant about and/or add to this I shall....