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Wow, welcome girl with incredible music taste! =)

You're right about Guy's Memphis project. The musicians on it are the exact musicians that played on the originals of every amazing song Guy covered flawlessly. I nearly passed out when I read the tracklist of the album...I just wish he could gain popularity in North America. I don't see why he couldn't, really. He even performed on American Idol once...
I'm jealous you've seen him, Delta and the Divas with Ricki Lee. I LOVED Ricki Lee's first album. The second one not soo much, but her and Kate Dearaugo, along with Delta are my favorite female Aussie vocalists.
I forgot to mention Holly valance before. I know she can't sing, but I loved her albums Sophie Monk, too (and Bardot..back in the day). Apparently she's in LA hanging out with Paris Hilton now, who would've ever thought.
Guy has never really tried to 'make it' in North America ... yet. Despite never having released an album there or officially performed there, he's quite well known (I've found, from digging here and there). He's only just decided he wants to stick with soul, and his next originals album will reflect that. I think part of the delay might have been to do with not knowing exactly what path he wanted to take. I believe inroads will be made into the overseas market this year. Also, his next album will be the 5th for Sony, which is what his contract was for - 5 albums. Whether or not he stays with Sony might have a lot to do with the moves he makes. And of course he's getting married soon, too. That might have to be considered in his planning.