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    Guild Wars Players Needed

    Im currentling gettin Guild wars and im lookin for people who play so we could start a guild, I think its a good game, so im goin to give it a try,

    any suggestions from players
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    I played for a while. And I can tell you starting your own guild is a HUGE time investment. You'll need the funding for a good hall and the money to fill that all with merchants if you want to have any kind of cred. If I remember correctly a hall is like 50k....I dunno it's been a while.

    I just was lucky enough to start playing when my friend who was a leader of a huge guild decided to quit for WoW and gave me control of his old guild. Real nice imperial hall, fully stocked. I ran it for a while then got sick of the game and quit. IF you really want to start one I would say get to teh starting town and just spam the tade and recruitment channels

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