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Thread: District 9

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    District 9

    i see from rate movie thread a lot of People REALLY liked this film (with exception of darkprinney BAD BOY.

    i wanted to talk about it.

    i genuinely think its my fave film ever. it had EVERYTHING.

    it was epic. te acting was super CGI was fantastic, and i genuinely felt for the prawns and the lead, the best thing about it though is that we or i did anyway, felt for the Lead, even though he does some pretty bad things. and at the end we genuinely feel
    Spoiler Alert!

    the film left me satisfyed with the ending, but also wanting to know whats next, but also left me very saddened, the final seen is just very powerfull. and emotional.

    and one seen actually left me quite upset which doesnt happen often to me, and i take it as a good thing i felt kinda disturbed shows how much i was into the film
    Spoiler Alert!

    some people found the story predictable. me not so much. i kept feeling a suprise when the story continued cause i genuinely felt the lead could die any minute. i dint know how it would end up. and dont actuslly see what coming if peter jackson makes a sequel OR prequel. id like either

    Spoiler Alert!

    i loved every minute of the film. and cant wait for a sequel. 10/10

    oh and did anyone else find the child prawn kinda cute

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    Don't see what all the fuss was about
    It was a 3/5 for me
    I have seen the story line before and felt it kinda plodded along.
    The ending was obvious to me from the moment he started to turn.
    Spoiler Alert!
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