According to, some Tiger Woods news is standing by EA Sports

You do know about the recent (and still ongoing) controversy that the world's top golfer, Tiger Woods, is embroiled in, don't you? Well, as you know, it's not only his family life and reputation that hangs in the balance here, but also his product endorsements. These endorsements usually are based heavily on the personality's good rep, and well, if it ain't good, they're most likely to pull the rug from under you because they don't want their product to be affiliated with tainted ware so to speak.
But not EA. Seems like it doesn't matter to the publisher how many more ladies come forward exposing their illicit affair with the Tiger, they're sticking it out with their man. While Tiger Woods does not endorse EA Sports per se, he does have a game franchise with the publisheer, Tiger Woods PGA Tour. And contrary to what Forbes is positing, EA isn't about to ditch their golden boy.

A company spokesperson officially stated that, "There is no change in our marketing strategy for the franchise. Our strong relationship with Tiger for more than a decade remains unchanged." Well they do have a long - and successful - history to back them up. Besides, as Gamerinvestments put it, "There is simply no other golfer that EA sports can replace him with and there is no way they are going to stop making one of their most successful games."

Womanizer or not, Tiger Woods brings home the bacon for EA Sports, and that's all that matters.
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