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Thread: Ozzfest 2010!

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    Ozzfest 2010!

    Anyone go to the Ozzfest, or is planning too? I went to Camden NJ to see the bands. I really loved Halford, Motley Crue, and Ozzy! I wish BLS played, but the rain ruined there system. I seen them twice already, so I wasn't too dissapointed. The concert was amazing. There was also a freakshow there too and I seen alot of stuff LOL. Amazing day, probably the best thing that happened to me all summer besides the 4th of july. Anyone else go see ozzy and the other bands.

    PS: I was on the lawn in the front row, it wasn't the closest, but I still could see pretty good. I seen the stage and the bands. The rain was annoying but it cleared for the last 3 bands!
    I went to Wiiso .com this place is lame and noone chats here anymore! Good bye. meet me at wiiso, it's better!

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