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    Gunslingers: Western Heroes Coming to Wii

    Gunslingers: Western Heroes is a new on-rails shooting game for the Wii, which uses the Wii Remote to put you slap bang in the middle of a Wild West sharp-shooting cowboy adventure. With your shotgun or pistol in your hand and your stagecoach speeding along, best be prepared to shoot fast and shoot straight to beat the sinister Professor Molina and make it out alive! Locations and scenarios in which you get to test your sharp-shooting skills include on top of a train, in a gold rush town, deep down in a goldmine, and taking cover behind a saloon bar. Gameplay modes include the 12-stage Story Mode, Deadly Survival Mode where itís up to you to hold down the fort and keep the enemy at bay for as long as possible, and Trap Shoot Mode, where you get to blast barrels and plates out of the sky for points and practice. Thereís also a Four-player Co-op mode which you can play with your friends.

    The game, which comes complete with two western-style revolver attachments for your Wii Remote, has no release date as yet, but according to publisher Interworks USA the bundle will have an SRP of $34.99.

    Source: Interworks USA

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    will this game be any good?
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    If only this was Ghost Squad gone wild west... ... ...

    And $10, just like Ghost Squad. Then I'd give it a go. /cheap
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