According to a story on Destructoid today, Disney is currently trying to find out whether or not the public would be interested in a sequel to last year’s Epic Mickey. A Destructoid reader apparently came across some market research that Disney was doing online about the game, including presenting fans with proposed cover art to choose from, as well as suggesting various titles, such as Epic Mickey 2: Return of the Mad Doctor, Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, and Epic Mickey 2: Mystery on Mean Street. According to Destructoid, the game would not be Wii-exclusive this time around, as it would also be available on PS3 and Xbox. Destructoid reports that gameplay would feature a 2-player split-screen option, with one player controlling Mickey Mouse, and the other controlling Oswald The Lucky Rabbit, whose powers include the ability to fly like a helicopter by flapping his long ears, and using electricity to “fight or friend” foes. As Destructoid points out, the original game sold well, so it’s no real surprise that Disney is planning to release a sequel.