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    Man Uses Wii Remotes to Help Him Remotely Brush Catís Fur With Robot Avatar!

    Well hereís a use for your Wii remote that you donít see every day! The Huffington Post reports on a YouTube video posted by Taylor Veltrop, which shows the robot avatar that he has built remotely brushing his catís fur! Taylor uses his Wii Remotes to pick up the movement of his arms, while an XBox Kinect picks up his movement and a treadmill picks up his steps. He controls the robotís head via a head mounted display (HMD), which he also uses to see through the robotís eyes. In this way, Taylor can actually get the robot avatar to brush the catís fur. You really have to see it, itís a lot of fun to watch! If you go to Taylorís YouTube channel, youíll find tons more fascinating videos, including robots dancing with people! Taylor says that the next feature that he plans to add to his robot is hearing and speaking, and he says that this shouldnít be too difficult as both the robot and the HMD have microphones and speakers. This looks like one YouTube channel well worth subscribing too!

    Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2012...n_1182955.html

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    A treadmill, a Kinect, and a Wii Remote all working in synergy to control a robot... LOLWUT?

    Pointless as it is, this is awesome. If I had nerdknowledge of this level, I'd certainly be doing nothing but ****ing around, modding things to work like things in my free time.
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