Nintendo has announced today that Wii owners in the UK can now stream their favourite films and TV programmes onto their TV via their Wii, after Netflix announced its expansion into the UK. The service is available for £5.99 per month. With more than 20 million streaming members in 47 countries and territories, Netflix has revolutionized entertainment by providing seamless and unlimited access to tens of thousands of hours of Hollywood and international feature films, full seasons of new and classic TV series, global documentaries, independent cinema and a wide range of kids programming in a specially designed area of the service called “Just for Kids”. And thanks to a recent partnership announcement, you can also watch the BBC Worldwide back catalogue via Netflix on your Wii.

To access Netflix on your Wii, simply visit the Wii Shop Channel, then select “Wii Channels” from the main menu and choose “Netflix Instant Streaming for Wii.” All you need to do then is select “Free 0 Wii Points” to start the download. You can then start watching Netflix from the Wii menu once it has downloaded.

“We’re thrilled that Netflix is now available on Wii in the UK and Ireland coinciding with our launch,” said Bill Holmes, vice president of business development at Netflix. “The Wii has been among the most popular devices used by Netflix members to enjoy unlimited TV shows and movies streaming over the Internet from Netflix on their TVs. We expect the Wii will be one of the most used devices to enjoy Netflix in the UK and Ireland and are delighted to offer this additional value to Wii users.”
Source: Nintendo