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    Woman Loses Nine Stone After Wii Fit Character Explodes

    We all know that the Wii Fit on screen balance board character has a mind of its own; I fondly remember when it wore a jaunty party hat on my birthday – good times! But it would seem from this story from The Mail On Sunday that the balance board character isn’t always so friendly or charming! According to the story, 22st 6lb Deb Rose was amazed when she stood on her Wii Fit balance board and was told by the balance board character that she was too heavy to play the game! And Wii Fit went even further than that in its unsubtle way of letting Deb know that she could do with using a few pounds by having her Wii Mii spectacularly explode on screen! Well, there’s nothing more humiliating than being told by a cartoon balance board that you’re a little on the heavy side, and it turned out to be all the motivation that Deb needed to go all-out in an effort to lose weight, including joining her local branch of Weight Watchers. Now, two years later, Deb has succeeded in losing nearly nine stone, and the balance board is happy for her to step on it!

    “As soon as I’d lost enough weight to use the Wii I was on it - and I can join in with the family Wii parties as well,” Deb told the Mail. “I can actually play the skiing game now and we have a good time playing with it now. I can finally stand on the board without the character blowing up like a balloon and exploding.”
    Just goes to show that Wii Fit does work after all!

    Source: http://www.mailonsunday.co.uk/health...ose-stone.html

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    Ok, now I understood it.
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    Spoiler Alert!

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    Wow thats amazing
    "NY State of Mind"

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    lol :`) all you need to do anything is the will to do it and a little bit of motivation!

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