Itís that time of year again, people! 2K Sports announced today that its annual treat for baseball fans, Major League Baseball 2K12 is out now for all major consoles, including the Wii. The latest edition of the game features a new dynamic ratings system designed to enhance the battle at the plate, as well as a revamped throwing system intended to make fielding more realistic, a new hit redistribution system that allows for more varied and realistic hits and an enhanced My Player mode. A new mode has also been added this year Ė the MLB Today Season Mode, which lets you complete a whole season at the same pace as your favourite MLB team. Using the powerful MLB Today engine, fans can track and compare their stats and record to that of their real-life counterparts, as well as getting to play through their teamís real schedule, one game a day, in a bid to find out if they can play their way to a World Series title.

Source: 2K Sports