TopWare Interactive announced today that the RPG, Enclave - Shadows of Twilight, will be coming to the Wii on May 22 2012, in cooperation with developers Dojodoo Enterprise, marking the first time that the franchise has appeared on a console. The game mixes the features of the award-winning 2003 PC game with the Wii’s unique control system, with the end result being a modernization of the fan-favourite game that elevates the Enclave series to new heights. Innovative adaptations to the classic gameplay elements provide a completely new gaming experience, expanding the level of immersion in all directions. Players now get to charge into battle brandishing the Wii Remote, laying waste to the hordes of enemies that stand in the hero’s way, at the same time as upgrading their character’s equipment by looting the bodies of fallen enemies. The game also features numerous cut-scenes that serve to narrate the hero’s epic journey as players explore the vast fantasy world of Enclave.

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Source: Topware Interactive