With Friday May 25 seeing the release of the new Men In Black 3 movie, Activision has also announced the launch of the new Men In Black: Alien Crisis game for all major consoles, including the Wii. In the game, the player gets to fulfill their dreams of becoming the ultimate MIB agent and saving the world from being taken over by aliens, just like agents J and K in Men In Black 3 the movie. A companion to the main movie, the video game sees the player taking on the role of MIB agent Peter Delacoeur as he takes on the aliens that threaten Earth.

The third-person arcade-shooter gameplay sees the player blasting through intense alien shootouts, dodging enemy fire, all the while toting upgradable weapons such as MIB’s famous Noisy Cricket, Plasma Handgun, and more. It’s also up to the player to secretly interrogate suspects under the nose of the elite guards, in a bid to reveal evil intergalactic conspiracies. Players will also get to drive a tricked-out MIB car during epic chase sequences around the city. Available game modes include two-player split-screen multiplayer and four-player “hot-seat” mode. The Wii Zapper peripheral is also compatible with the game, which is available now for Wii for an SRP of $49.99, with specially marked packages containing an eMovie Cash code redeemable for $10.00 off a Men In Black 3 movie ticket at participating theatres from May 25.

Activision via PR Newswire