Maximum Games has today announced that it will be launching its Wii U game, Jett Tailfin, at E3 in LA from June 5-7. The game was created and developed by Hoplite Research, LLC and Ilusis Interactive Graphics, and tells the story of a loveable fish who, along with his friends, competes to win a quirky underwater competition. The game will have a full range of control options with multiple shortcuts and additional landscapes as you try and find the best way to reach the finish line. You can choose from a large variety of fish to race, each of which will mimic characteristics of real fish. You know what to expect when you hear some of the character names: Phil A. Salmon, Hal Hammerhead and John Sturgeon! There are also a whole host of mini-games featured, such as Clam Ball, and Fishnet Tag.

The gameís lush environments will include Atlantis Metropolis, Hawaiian Islands, Ship Graveyard, Pirates Island, and many more. And because this is Wii U, we expect a little bit more from our Wii graphics, right?! Well, Maximum says that Jett Tailfin will feature motion-blur shaders and other advanced underwater lighting effects. And donít panic all you hardcore gamers out there thinking that the Wii U is going to be all about the cutesy stuff, Maximum says that this will be one of the few Wii U games appropriate for all ages.

"We are excited to team with Maximum Games, a company that understands innovative gameplay" said Manny Granillo, president of Hoplite Research, LLC. "And we are pleased to put forth a game that players 8 to 80 will enjoy!"
Maximum Games