O-Games has announced the first five cracking tracks from its forthcoming Everything Sing game, which is due for release on all major consoles including the Wii in September. The game will feature 35 tracks in total, but these are the first five stonking great tunes to be announced:

• Nicki Minaj – Your Love
• The Wanted – All Time Low
• Nicole Scherzinger – Poison
• Jessie J – Nobody’s Perfect
• Michael Bublé – Haven’t Met You Yet

Everyone Sing is the first multi-format singing game where everyone can sing (hence the name!), supporting up to four microphones. Every song has a different treatment to support 1-4 players, so every time you sing it you’ll get a different experience. Lead and backing breakdowns are also included.

Multiple party modes include Pass the Bomb, Group Mode, Know Your Song and more. The Everyone Sing Group Mode sounds like a lot of fun, as it lets you form a singing group with four friends, and progress through the rounds of a competition to become the ultimate singing stars.

Source: O-Games