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    Activision Announces Wipeout 3 For Wii

    Activision has announced the third installment in its popular Wipeout series for all major consoles, including the Wii. Wipeout 3 returns players to their favourite insane obstacle course game show, complete with updated features, even more wacky characters, and all the epic wipeouts players can handle.

    "Much of Wipeout's success has stemmed from the fact that people of all ages enjoy the show," said Matt Kunitz, Wipeout's Creator and Executive Producer. "We want to capture that essence with Wipeout 3 so that kids, parents, and even grandparents can plunge into this easy-to-learn, zany game."
    This latest installment has all-new features and effects that catapult players into the most intense, body-contorting action yet. Fans will be excited to play their favourite obstacles such as the Sweeper Arms and the Big Balls, as well as 112 new winter and summer course themes with dozens of obstacles. Players get to compete in wild, OTT challenges that have been created exclusively for the game, all via the over-the-shoulder perspective, complete with “Instant Replay” function that will get everyone laughing.

    Gameplay modes include split-screen multiplayer and team modes supporting up to four players, and players can also visit the Wipeout Shop to buy performance-enhancing items, as well as unlock characters and special themed episodes as they progress through the game.

    Wipeout 3 will be released this fall.

    Source: Activision

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    Wrong Wipeout
    (Terakashis castle is better)

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    ^ I'd imagine ya mean Takeshi's Castle. Bloody hilarious that show was.

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