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    Help Pls

    hi all, wondered if anyone could help on or point me in the right direction?

    I'm wondering which controller set up would be best for goldeneye on wii with a Datel Precision FX Pistol?

    thanks loads in advance! H

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    Maybe I will have to buy a classic control but I was never a fan of using those, I'm a FPS PC guy so I like the mouse where you can aim and shoot quickly.

    I too have been finding the Wii Controller very lacking. My problem is that I barely move it, and I'm off the 50" screen then it won't see the wii controller (IR receiver) for a bit thus I get killed quick as I am stuck. Very frustrating.

    It also would of been nice if they did like in older fps games and make it so when you spawn you can not be killed...I've been shot and killed before even having a chance to shoot....plus whats up with all the campers???? Could be a fun game if you were playing with like minded friends...but with unknown kids it just stinks. Plus the Host drops in another BIG issue.

    Also another pet peeve is having to start at the bottom and not have any good guns, thus you get killed faster and harder to kill upper level players. I say for multi-player let it all be unlocked to even the fields.

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