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    Outpost - Don't stop moving, shoot and run

    Facility - Climb a ladder hide on the dark beem and pray to god no one sees me

    Sewer - Run round in circles screaming and shouting at the darkness.

    Nightclub - Tend too die alot as i just go full out for kills. And suicide runs, hold grenade button and just run up the stairs to the other team and blow yourself up, hopefully taking 1 or 2 with you.

    Industrial - Make sure i use my grenades well, and a gun with decent range

    Station - Still not sure what the best strategy is for me on this one yet, out in the open i get a few kills but die alot, go anywere else i eventually get hunted down and shot, tried the shoot and run tatic, just kept getting sniped.

    Docks - Machine gun it!! i tend to hide behind the boat and shoot everyone when they come into sight, once i get bord of that i tend to jump out the window and try to flank the other team.

    Jungle - Hate this course, when i started playing the game i was okay at it, but now i just get destroyed wherever i go, horrible!

    Archives - Hate the idiots that just bring out a big ol' powerfull shotgun here, ruins my fun. on team conflict, run head first at anyone with a machine gun, on heroes, hide in the room at the top of the stairs and be the coward that i am.

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    Big maps/outside(outpost,memorial,docks,station,jungle)- sniper
    Small maps/inside(archives,sewer,nightclub)- shotgun
    Medium maps (Industrial,facility)- have a ciggie OR terralite

    KDR is going up and up
    Accuracy is going up and up

    Final tip- I use a pistol on anyone camping/standing still and facing the other way. Weapons proficiency and XP baby.

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