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    Quote Originally Posted by HomerS742 View Post
    Betcha I know of a team or two that could take you guys out. I've been put up against them a few times. Prince-Luigi, Sir.Bud, Sam Fisher, and any of their other friends above level 50 tend to rip people apart.
    Sam fisher and Prince Luigi are not in a clan. Sir Bud is [SD] and our clan played them and we lost all 7 matches. They are commonly as the best clan out there with 4 or 5 guys in the top 50 players. We did come close to beating them in a few matches where the final tally was 40-36 and 40-34. But they are by a descent margin the best there is.

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    swan your too polite!

    bring it, homer

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    Hey ethan, tks for adding and joining us ... http://007chan.org

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