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    Last Night I went 12-0 in outpost, I love sniping.

    Anyone else ever kill multiple enemies with a single bullet? It's happened to me twice.
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    Lol were you camping in the towers?

    I got a 12-0 in outpost, it was againts some real low ranked noobs though. Didn't feel like running around so I sniped in one tower the whole time with a silencer. Kinda funny then got boring.

    I recently injured my hand working last week, got bored sitting around and attempted to play online with pretty much one hand since the other is bandaged up. Got a 14-0 kill streak in the docks. Ran outta bullets in my Terralite and then started to pick up other fallen team mates weapons. One ranked 31 guy tried sooooo bad to get me. Lol I was wondering when I would die myself.


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